Sarzeau is the principal town of the Presquile de Rhuys peninsula, near Vannes,reputed to have more than 2000 hours of sunshine a year.It lies between the Golfe and the ocean.Near Sarzeau is The Château de Suscinio , built in the late middle ages as the residence of the Dukes of Brittany.Picture by Nicolas Grandjean.


Hennebont,photograph taken during the annual medieval festival .

Hennebont is famous for its resistance when besieged during the Breton war of succession in 1342.

Pontivy,busy Monday morning market.

"Gwenn ha Du",Brittany's flag ,created in 1923 is a common sight in the region.It has nine stripes,five black and four white representing ancient bishoprics.In the left corner there are eleven ermine motifs on a white background.



View of a near deserted beach on the Quiberon peninsular.

Brittany is famous for its megalithic monuments, which are spread over the peninsula, the largest alignments are near Karnag/Carnac.The wordsdolmen (from "daol" table and "maen" stone) and menhir(from "maen" stone and "hir" long) are Breton and commonly used by either Breton or French people.-Places to Visit

Tregastel -Granite Coast


Lorient was heavily bombed during the second world war and rebuilt hurriedly afterwards but the port city still has plenty to offer.There are plenty of shops,restaurants,the festival itself and even German submarine pens which can be visited by arrangement.

Lorient has a major fishing port, Port de Pêche at Keroman and the docks area at Kergroise handle large cargo and passenger ships.Tourism plays an important part in the cities' economy and there are several large yachting marinas around the bay.

Lorient was a former base of the French Navy ,however, many important former naval buildings remain around the quayside.

Cross at summit of Le Breuil du Chene

Guillotin Oak-BroceliandeBrest is a city in the Finistère department and Bretagne region of north-western France.

Bon Repos-Le Pays de Conomor-Places to Visit

Footbridge over the river Aven.

The painter Paul Gaugin made Pont-Aven famous in the late 19th century,inspiring fellow artists of the "Pont-Aven School".The Brittany Ferries flagship is named after the town. 

Metropolitan France covers 547,030 square kilometres , slightly larger than Spain. France possesses a wide variety of landscapes, from coastal plains in the north and west to mountain ranges of in the south-east, the Massif Central in the south-central and Pyrenees in the south-west. At 4,807 metres (15,770 ft) above sea-level, the highest point in Western Europe, Mont Blanc, is situated in the Alps on the border between France and Italy

Open-air swimming pool in Pontivy. 

Fort La Latte-Photo Gallery 
Metropolitan France also has extensive river systems such as the Loire, the Garonne, the Seine and the Rhône, which divides the Massif Central from the Alps and flows into the Mediterranean sea at the Camargue.

Lighthouse at Pointe du Petit Minou ,constructed in 1848 and automated in 1989..© Wessel Cirkel |"

Pontrieux (an inland port town near the north coast of Brittany in  Côtes d'Armor) - This is a picture of an old house with flowers, called Tour Eiffel.It was built in the 16th century by a rich sea merchant.The town is situated on the inner estuary so it could be reached by sail coasters loading cereals in the past ."©Claudio Giovanni Colombo |"

Lorient to Brest


Lorient is famous for its annual Celtic music festival. Launched in 1971 it welcomes more than 600,000 visitors to the city.The picture is courtesy of Wikipedia,


Submarine Base at Lorient-Wikipedia-Maelor



Another interesting place to visit in the area is Port Louis at the mouth of Lorient harbour.The citadel was built by the Spanish in 1590 when Philip II was backing Brittany against the French king Henry IV,a Protestant.There is a very good museum,a fort and when we visited ,there were children's rides close to the parking area.Jack Mamelet,Wikipedia.GNU Free Documentation License.

Picture from a day in Pont-Aven,this is where all the artists show their works in studios dotted all over the town.

(The town is at the interface of the tidal estuary and freshwater river just 14km east of Concarneau)

The toilette pictured above is actually suspended over the river.

The municipal museum,many art galleries,the wooden crucifix in the fine Gothic chapel of Tremalo,which inspired Gaugin to paint the Le Christ Jaune,the Bois d'Armour(wooded gardens) and the watermills all pay tribute to the town's history.The Xavier Grall Promenade(named after the Breton poet) crisscrosses the river on landscaped walkways.


According to legend the town was founded by King Gradlon after he escaped from the town of Ys after it was flooded by the ocean.Ys remains on the sea floor and one story is that on certain days sailors can still hear the church bells and hymns from under the sea.The picture is of the Odet river in the centre of Quimper.

S Moller,Wikipedia

Flight of King Gradlon, by E. V. Luminais, 1884 (Musée des Beaux-Arts, Quimper-Wikipedia)

Sailing boat in french port Audierne - Audierne is still an active fishing port and has good local seafood. The beaches are excellent with long stretches of fine sand and there are boat trips across to the Ile de Sein.There is a museum,aquaruim and guided tours of the town"© Devanne Philippe |"

Pointe du Raz

This is named after the Raz de Sein,the dangerous stretch of water between the pointe and the island of Sein. This granite spur is in constant battle with the crashing waves and strong winds.

The lighthouse of "La Vieille" can be seen behind the rocks.

Although it is not quite the westernmost extent of France, its rocky isolation makes it a popular tourist destination.

At the peninsula Crozon in the west of Brittany, lie the ruins of the monastery of Landévennec originally founded in the fifth centuryby Saint Guenole . A modern monastery was built beside the ruins in the 1950s and consecrated in 1965 and today houses Bendictine monks.The old site includes a museum which you can visit."© Wessel Cirkel |"

Port of Brest

Brest , Finistere's largest town was heavily bombed during the second world war but has since resumed its civil and military importance.It was from the port that the first French nuclear powered aircraft carrier was launched,the "Charles de Gaulle".Brest is also the home of the Prefecture Maritime,West Brittany University and the Oceanopolis world of science.

"© Michael Komm |"

Cannon-balls and a cannon in the city of Brest in Brittany. At the background there is the lifting-bridge 'Pont de Recouvrance', one of the largest in Europe."© Wessel Cirkel |"

Oceanopolis-With its modern architectural design in the shape of a crab,the Ocenopolis stands out as a landmark in Brest.Sited next to the Moulin Blanc pleasurecraft port,it has aquariums,public exhibitions,a media centre and research laboratories.Wikipedia-Remi Jouan

Brest To Roscoff

Guimiliau is named after St Miliau. The name simply means town or settlement . According to legend, Miliau was a good and just Breton prince, put to death in a dynastic quarrel in the 8th century.Pictured below is the magnificent parish close ."© Claudio Giovanni Colombo |"

Ile de Batz is an island off Roscoff.Only separated from Roscoff by a 2km long channel, it takes no more than 10 minutes to get there. The island which enjoys a micro-climate, is a mixture of rugged cliffs, meadows,ploughed fields and sand dunes,  all surrounded by a clear  blue sea.There is also a lighthouse to visit.
The picture is of the  Georges Delaselle botanical garden built in  the early 20th century by its Parisian creator-Picture Wikipedia.
Bruno Pagis-Creative CommonsAttribution ShareAlike 1.0Licence



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