The Lagoon

Briton Ventures Maldives (Pvt) Limited is a Maldives based company that is in the process of building The Lagoon
a new island complex that will be used for both business and banking. The project consists of:
  • International Airport
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Residential Accommodation
  • High profile Shops & Spa's
  • Offshore Banking
  • Deepwater Harbour
The community will be given Tax-free status by the Maldives Government and we envision the project attracting some of the wealthiest individuals & companies from South East Asia and the rest of the World.

The entire project currently involves some of the biggest and most successful construction companies, who will combine to build The Monaco of the Maldives to the highest possible standards. 

Apart from commercial use, there will be a combination of Hotels & Homes on the Island 
designed from the latest sustainable materials and cutting-edge technology.
The Maldives already has a rich history of providing the highest standard of luxury and is 
already home to some of the most luxurious Resorts in the World.
Allowing Professionals to work and relax with their families and friends in one of the 
most beautiful places on Earth...

...Making The Monaco of the Maldives an exciting place to live & enjoy life to the full in paradise.