Briton Ventures Business Culture

The Business Culture of any company, no matter who they are, is crucial for long-term sustainable growth. I've been a huge admirer of Ricardo Semler and his astonishingly successful methods and attitude to business and life in general. His principles have been proven to work for any company and under any circumstances and the World of Movies will be fully compliant with these principles. Ricardo has written extensively regarding his unique business strategy and they can be found in...The Seven Day Weekend
Ricardo lectures extensively at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and other significant Business Institutions. He has given several candid interviews outlining the simplicity of his doctrine and the enormous success he continues to enjoy. For example, SEMCO has over 5,000 employees, and yet they have a staff turnover of less than 1% per annum.
As CEO of Briton Ventures, I categorically believe this approach will attract the best talent and provide the strategy to successfully cope with any eventuality the markets or the economy can possibly present in the future. Therefore, the WoM Management will apply all of these principles  to the entire Theme Park endeavor, on a permanent basis