BV Fund 

Briton Ventures Fund (BV Fund) is a $440m Equity Investment Fund which will provide up to 25% equity for mainstream family feature films, in 1st position, with a  maximum equity investment of up to $25m (Twenty Five Million US Dollars) per project. 
The BV Fund will also provide capital for the purchasing and re-selling of Gold, Silver, and Diamonds 
through Briton Gold   (
The BV Fund would provide Stage 1 investment into E-Cars (Corp) ( green-technology business dedicated to innovation in the eco-sector of the automotive industry in San Francisco, USA & Manchester, UK. 

Funding Allocation
The BV Fund Management will allocate $440m over the 5-year term as follows:
                                                            · $350m - Multiple Movie Investments
                                                            · $ 50m  - Gold & Diamond and Silver Trading
                                                            · $ 20m  - E-Cars (Corp) Stage 1 Investment
                                                            · $ 15m  - Finance costs (Inc. Arrangement Fees)
                                                            · $  5m   - Fund Management Fees & Misc. costs

Based on the position of our funding and recoupment strategy, as well as retaining the respective Movie Tax Breaks on the Films, it will be impossible for the BV Fund to lose any investment. 

For all Gold & Diamond and commodity trades, the Fund will only provide finance once the commodity has been physically checked and verified by our highly qualified Team and exportation to Dubai is confirmed. All cash transactions will be completely underwritten by either physical Gold or Diamonds within the Bank of the respective City where the product is stored.

Projected Incomes & Revenues 
Returns will be on a deal by deal basis and, especially in the case of all Movie investments, the revenues may continue for many years, subject to the success of the respective Film. We anticipate the following approximate income percentages

                                                            · Movies & Multi-Media (25%)
                                                            · Gold & Diamonds (15%)
                                                            · Eco & Green Tech (10%)
The Precious Commodity revenues would be available on a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis. These revenues provide cash-flow for the Fund, on an on-going and indefinite timeline.
Media revenues would be much more protracted due to the Distribution, yet have a much longer income term as the respective projects earn revenue in all media on a global basis, including; Cinema, DVD & Blu-ray (Rentals & Sales), Online Streaming, Cable TV, Television. Additional revenue is generated from Merchandising, Product Placement, and Licencing.

The funding for E-Cars (Corp) would be a one-off investment in exchange for a shareholding in the company. Once the Fund wishes to liquidate its shareholding, the stock will then be purchased back by the Management, with a 10% profit margin for the BV FundThese amounts of revenue will be expected to vary considerably, although all returns and profits will be reimbursed to the BV Fund and, after the initial 5-year term, all profits will be subsequently divided proportionately amongst the Investors and the Fund Management. 

In the event the BV Fund is a financial success, all Parties will have the option to continue for a further 5-year term.