Briton Media 

This is an in-house division of Briton Ventures dedicated to building and servicing the 
Websites & Online collateral for various companies and their respective projects.

The World of Movies will be one of the main companies that will be serviced on all media.

Movie & Television projects being produced through Briton Productions will have a 
promotional Website, Viral Videos and supporting online content on all platforms. 
The Galactican will be a primary project in this regard and will have its own dedicated 
Team and aim to work in conjunction with leading American Social Media marketing companies.

We will also work in conjunction with Dock 10 who currently Post-produce all the 
Live-action TV content for the BBC.

The Lagoon is another long-term construction project that will also have a brand new 
Website built & fully maintained by Briton Media Ltd.

The company will also aim to produce high-quality video content for other 
Businesses, using the very latest cutting-edge technologies, that can be easily uploaded to 
FacebookTwitterYouTubeSnapchat, Instagram and various social websites & networks 
throughout the Internet, and utilized for promotional purposes.

The company will also be active in Crypto-Currencies and at the appropriate time, seek to invest and develop relationships in that sector. Hashgraph is promising to change the way all business is conducted on the Internet and we will aim to take full advantage.