Hexen mods

PouncingAnt's mods for hexen

Affrit.wad version 0.3.3Allows you to play as the Affrit class. Gaining mana increases the power of your fireballs. Weapon 2 allows you to regenerate health in stone form. Enhance Fireballs with flechettes. See the readme for details. Updated 2008/02/07.
Wendigo.wad version 0.2.1Allows you to play as the Wendigo class. Has unique flechette type, and 3 powerful weapons. See readme for details. Updated 2008/29/06
Dark Servants.wad version 0.2.2Enhanced version of Affrit and Wendigo wads. Allows you to play as either the Affrit or Wendigo, includes more features and bugfixes. See readme for further details. Updated 2008/07/08
Diabolic Wad BetaAn RPG wad, adding new abilities for each player, and more difficult monsters as you progress each level. For more information, see the manual. Open the zip file using Skulltag or ZDoom (does not require unzipping) Updated 2010/1/14.

Hexen Realistic Weapons ModA weapons/class mod that completely changes the hexen gameplay! Many new weapons can be scavenged off your enemies, each with a unique set of attributes. May require unzipping! Updated 2010/1/24.