Tewkesbury Mythe bridge tollhouses

Built by: Tewkesbury Turnpike Trust
Date: 1826-30

There are two tollhouses at this location. The one above is on the northern side of the road and is actually a house and appears to be lived in. The one on the southern side of the road is just a toll booth and is in a pretty bad state of repair; it looks like it is being held together by metal bands around the structure.

These buildings are at the eastern end of the Mythe Bridge, across the Severn. The image of the bridge, below, is from Wikimedia Commons

 Both buildings are grade II listed buildings, listing details can be found here for the house and here for the booth. The bridge itself is also listed, as it is a Telford design, details being here. The listing details for the bridge mention that it used to have a tollhouse at each end. Streetview shows a heavily extended building at the western end of the bridge, with a name plate saying Mythe Bridge House - another tollhouse?


The pictures on this page were taken in April 2012.