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Surviving craft from the BPBCo craft at Hythe Southampton.


 UPDATE - June 2016!

I've sold both Red Fox and Dragonfly.

Red Fox now finished and in commission.

Dragonfly still waiting.

See new email address.

This web page is intended to pull together all the information that I have on the remaining craft built by Hubert Scott-Paine’s British Power Boat Company in Hythe Southampton in the 1930’s.  There was a fire at the boat yard in 1931 and very few craft remain.


This document does not include those larger boats built for military purposes, such as MGB and HSL type craft. Much information can be found on surviving military boats by visiting the website of the British Military Powerboat Team at As far as I am aware at least 3 whalebacks survive plus a number of other types.


I have compiled this list purely as I have an interest in old motor boats and I happen to own two of the boats listed below, Red Fox and Dragonfly.


I’m very interested to hear of anymore that could be added to this list. You could find me with the username ‘burgundyben’ at either the CMBA, YBW or BMPT forums on the web or by emailing


I’d be delighted to hear from you. I’ll add updates to this list as I have them.


There is one further craft I am due to go and look for! The list below is my current total knowledge at 5th January 2010.


Miss Britain


On display at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwhich, London along with her supercharged Napier Lion engine. Scott-Paine reurned to the UK for a brief visit after WWII and he left this boat to the nation.




Miss England


On display at the National Science Museum, Kensington, London, still fitted with her Napier Lion.




Miss Paris


Currently in France, fittted with a perkins ‘Power’ diesel engine. This fine vessel is the one of two that are currently in commission. Some further information can be found at the following web address which also shows some British Power Boat papers, the only ones I have seen.

Miss Paris was sold at auction, as far as I know is now in Switzerland on Lake Geneva.





White Lady II

On display at the Steam Boat Museum,Windemere, England. I know very little else, I have tried to go there to visit on two occasions, the museum has been closed to the public for sometime.On display at the Steam Boat Museum,Windemere, England. I know very little else, I have tried to go there to visit on two occasions, the museum has been closed to the public for sometime.

New Steam Boat Museum is now open, I've not been yet.


Panther III


Panther III currently resides in the USA with Jeff Ridgway, Jeff is the son of John Scott-Paine, Hubert’s Gransdon.  Panther was Hubert’s own boat, he took her with him when he went to the USA and I understand from Jeff that many races were won with her.  I have some pictures that show she is in need of a substantial refit, she has not been afloat for many years, Currently fitted with a GrayMarine supersix 330.





Currently owned by Ben Curtis in Hamble.  Dragonfly as you can see from the picture is in need of a great deal of work.  She is very original and appears to be largely untouched, was originally fitted with a 70hp Chrysler Ace.


Red Fox of Hythe


Currently owned by Ben Curtis in Hamble.   More pictures of Red Fox can be found at  This boat was rebuilt by Phil Claburn at Marchwood when he was restoring HSL102/MGB81 and RAF206.   Red Fox requires no woodwork. There is no engine, mounts, shaft, shaft log, p bracket rudder, fuel tank etc. Nothing. Just the wooden boat.  The quality of the work is suberb. Red Fox is identical to Panther III.  She has been fully replanked, epoxy cloth sheathed and has a new deck and transom.

Now in commission and working!

 Queen Gull


This is a unmanned target drone, one of two surviving craft that are in commission (see Miss Paris above). Running a small ford engine.  She is approx 12ft LOA and was built in 1943 as a radio controlled target boat for the WW2 shore guns to practice on when there were no hostile boats about. Guns were sleeved down to fire half inch tracer rounds, and yes she has a couple of bullet holes in the hull!

Last seen my me in the Classic Boat Museum Cowes.




Planing Dinghy


I don’t know much about this boat, it is well looked after in Scotland by the Grandson of George Selman, it is interesting to note that it has clinker topsides and a meadows 4 cylinder engine.



Sea Joker
This boat is a 16ft planning dinghy fitted with a 4 cylinder Meadows 'Power' engine.  The boat is in good condition and some works to the bottom planking being undertaken in January 2010 should be complete shortly. Single clinker construction and very flat aft so likely to be quite fast.  Boat is resident on the River Thames.