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British Indian Fantail Club

Approved September 2010



                This Standard is to be used as a guide for both breeding and judging the Indian Fantail. With the Indian we speak of “Balance”being all important. Yet no points are allocated to Balance. So, what is it?Put simply: Balance is the pleasing blending of all parts so that when looked upon, the bird appears complete, as a whole … not visually dominated by an overly large (or small) tail, muffs too long (or short), stance is correct, not tipped too high, nor too forward, nor crouched, nor stretched, etc. The pieces and parts blend well.   The stance, body,head, neck, chest, back, tail, muffs, wings … everything is in its proper proportion; the end result is an attractive package --- a balanced bird!

A pleasingly-balanced Indian Fantail is our desired goal.

Coming Soon!