Britax Pioneer Vs Frontier Car Seat

Britax is a company that believes in offering ultimate comfort to its clients. It makes every attempt to ensure that parents and children can make best use of its products. The company uses safety standards for better protection of the children. It believes in smart designs to help people run their lives smoothly. It is a leading company when it comes to child safety for over 70 years. The company has been constantly innovating and focusing on what is best for children. It is one of the best brands that majority of families in America trusts and relies on since its inception which took place in 1996. The company has revolutionized and introduced a wide range of car seats keeping the changing requirements of families in mind.

Safe Cell Impact Protection

The child car seat from Britax is the only unit which offers Safe Cell Impact Protection. It has an integrated concept that offers unbeatable protection for your children. Some of the features offered include steel frame, tether with impact absorbing ability, energy absorbing base and more. These features help in reducing the forward movement especially during times of a crash.

Britax Pioneer

The Britax Pioneer is indeed the perfect choice for those looking for
front facing car seat. If you are keen to use a secure and best front facing booster seats for your children, this is the stroller you should choose. The Pioneer has been updated and renamed as pioneer G.1.1. There are no changes in the weight and height limits of the seat. It is one of the two good combination seats made available today with best booster seats.

Features of Britax Pioneer

  • Best Protection – The car seat comes with an energy absorbing shell in addition to headrest that is foam lined with two layers of security. As a result it protects kids from side impacts.
  • Secure and simple installation – There is a latch connector for on and off that is easy to use. It locks quickly as a result installation becomes easy.
  • Ultimate comfort and fit – The simple 9 position harness comes handy as your child grows. You can fit your kid in the seat effortlessly by changing the height with a simple push of a button.

Why Choose Britax Pioneer?

Smart Design

The Pioneer offers seat with harness with 3 boosters that plays dual role of 2 seating modes. One mode for holding younger children weighing 25 lbs to 70 lbs and the other one is transition into a regular booster until your kid is ready. These transitions are simple and need no unthreading of the harness. All you need to do is tuck the straps towards the inside of the seat.

Additional Layer for Side Impact Protection

This feature helps in preventing collisions and protection from severe injuries. The product has been designed with two strong layers for side energy absorption. There is a deep foam shell along with head protection that prevents your child from side impacts.

With the high harness height of 19.5 inches, it is one of the best seats for your child. In fact, it is one of the most popular combination seats in America. Since there is only top hardness made available, the combinations seats are outgrown by children when their height gets increased. However, when there is forward facing option, the kids do not make use of the seat as their shoulders are at par with the top harness.

The Pioneer comes with high harness limit which makes children remain secured longer. This is beneficial soon after you complete rear facing. When you keep the child facing forward in harness for longer period, it is better for them and you. Therefore most people choose Pioneer over other models for their children.

Britax Frontier Car Seat

The Britax Frontier follows the concept of high weight car seats with versatility. This makes it one of the popular choices when it comes to combination seats in the market. It can be used either as a booster or a front facing seat. There are several features and some of the key features have been mentioned below.


  • Click tight installation concept helps in installing the car seat safely with confidence simply by bulking the seat belt.
  • Frontier is inclusive of a steel frame that aids in keeping the seat from flexing in the front especially during incidents of a crash.
  • It comes with EPP foam near the head of the child as well as body which enhances side impact protection levels.
  • It also decreases strain and stress on the body when there are collisions.
  • Installing the Frontier is as easy as the Pioneer.

At the end, it is easy to install when compared to other combination seats as it has a narrow width that measures 19 inches. The usable life for this unit is 9 years which is another beneficial feature that makes people go for it. The Frontier is an unbeatable car seat and is ideal for children above 4 years and is available in distinct shades.

Common Features and Difference of Pioneer and Frontier

The common features of Pioneer and Frontier is that both include 5 point harness that is tangle free and comes with 7 distinct height positions. Both have easy access belt for easy installation when you are using adult seat belt. Front adjusting recline is available in both Pioneer and Frontier. As far as the differences are concerned, some of the additional features of Frontier include the click tight installation system, the chest pads, the height limits and easy buckle system.

Thus, these are some of the best features and benefits of Pioneer and Frontier Car seat. You can carefully read through the benefits and choose the one that meets your requirements to the fullest. Car seat has become one of the basic necessities for parents to make their children feel secure while seated in the car. Therefore, they should consider the safety features before purchasing one.