Platelets are the smallest cellular component of the blood and are an essential element in the primary haemostatic system. They are able to respond to a wide range of agonists and when activated at the site of blood vessel injury they rapidly aggregate to form a platelet haemostatic plug. Platelets are therefore of central importance in maintaining the physiological integrity of the vascular system and play a major role in the pathological development of thrombosis.

Our laboratory is interested in the cell biology of platelets, from the molecular through to the systems level. We are particularly interested in understanding how protein kinases may regulate platelet function and thrombus formation, and use a wide variety of techniques to address these questions.

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Principal Investigator

Professor of Pharmacology and Cell Biology
Alastair graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Pharmacology proceeding to qualification as a veterinary surgeon. He then obtained his PhD from Cambridge in 1993 with a thesis investigating platelet ADP responses. After a post-doctoral fellowship in the laboratory of Professor Steve Watson at Oxford, he moved to Bristol in early 1996 to establish his own laboratory. He is the recipient of the British Pharmacological Society Novartis Prize 2006 and is Professor of Pharmacology and Cell Biology. Alastair currently serves as a committee member of the British Society for Haemostasis and Thrombosis. He is currently a Principal Editor for Platelets.  Alastair was previously Deputy Chair of the MRC Molecular and Cellular Medicine Board, and is now a member of the British Heart Foundation Project Grants Committee.  

PhD student

Andreas joined the lab in October 2014 on a 3-year BHF PhD studentship after completing an MSci Pharmacology degree at Bristol. During his undergraduate degree he worked in assay development at Takeda Cambridge Ltd. for one year and also did a 3-month summer internship at Applied Photophysics Ltd. He is presently writing up his thesis.
Ejaife Agbani
Senior Research Associate

After post-doctoral research work investigating the role of nuclear invaginations and endo-lysosomal two pore segment channels on calcium signaling at the University of Edinburgh, Ejaife joined Prof. Poole's lab in 2012. Ejaife graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree (with Distinction) from Obafemi Awolowo University in 2001 and qualified as a pharmacist in 2002. Between 2003 and 2005, Ejaife worked as assistant lecturer at Niger Delta University and carried out research in areas of clinical hypertension, essential oil toxicity and wound healing. In 2006, Ejaife obtained an MSc in Clinical Pharmacy (with Distinction) following his training at Guys and St Thomas Hospital and School of Pharmacy, University College London. He studied cardiovascular pharmacology at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow and obtained his PhD in 2010. Ejaife’s current research seeks to understand how platelet membrane dynamics underpin the coagulation process. 
Post-doctoral researcher

Prior to joining the Poole group in 2012 as a BHF funded post-doctoral researcher, Ed studied Biochemistry at the University of Bristol before joining Paul Verkade's laboratory in the School of Biochemistry for his PhD.
Post-doctoral Researcher

Chris studied for his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at the University of Bristol, before taking on a British Heart Foundation-funded PhD in pharmacology with Alastair. During his PhD, Chris helped to expand the research areas and techniques of the lab during his PhD titled “Protein Kinase Cα in Bone Development, Thrombopoiesis and Thrombosis”. Chris completed his PhD in 2010 whilst working as a teaching assistant in the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, before continuing his research with Alastair as a British Heart Foundation-funded post-doctoral researcher.
Research Technician
After a BSc at Edinburgh University, Liz worked in research labs in Aberdeen and Bristol with brief diversions into teaching, industry and the NHS, working on subjects as diverse as drug discovery, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer and veterinary virology. She now provides research support for the platelet labs, doing molecular biology, tissue culture and general lab management.
Post-doctoral researcher


Tony graduated with a BSc in Sport Science & Health before completing his PhD with the Endothelium Biology Group at Dublin City University, exploring mechanosensory mechanisms of endothelial cells. In 2010, he started a post-doctoral position with Prof. Michael Berndt at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland investigating regulatory roles for reactive oxygen species in platelets. He started working with Alastair in 2013 as a British Heart Foundation-funded post-doctoral researcher. 

Post-doctoral researcher

Marion joined the Poole lab from October 2011 as a BHF-funded PhD student (co-supervised by Ingeborg Hers) and continued her research in this group from 2015 as a post-doctoral researcher. Whilst completing her MSc in Clinical Molecular Sciences at Transnational University Limburg, Marion visited Bristol for a 7-month ERASMUS placement in Ingeborg Hers' laboratory.


Co-applicant on grant: Rob Pope (Stuart Mundell's Group)
Previous group members: Adèle Mauroux (ERASMUS MSc student March-June 2015), Ewelina Golebiewska (Post-doctoral researcher & PhD student 2010-2014), Matthew Harper (Post-doctoral researcher 2007-2014, now lecturing at the University of Cambridge), Joshua Savage (Post-doctoral researcher & PhD student 2008-2012, now working at CRCTU, University of Birmingham), Ian Stanton (PhD Student 2008-2012, co-supervised by Stuart Mundell), Amanda Unsworth (Co-supervised by Catherine Pears & Steve Watson), Emma Vincent, Olga Konopatskaya, Matthew Jones, Lucy MacCarthy-Morrogh, Seve Falati, Kellie Hall, Julie Baker, David Crosby, Jamie Wentworth, Christine Edmead, Giordano Pula, Adam Hardy, Lucia Stefanini, Johanna Barton (Co-supervised by Stuart Mundell), Elena Seviour (Co-supervised by Venkateswarlu Kanamarlapudi), Rob Goggs (now at Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine)