Lots of lovely stuff for sale

I'll be adding to these lists over the next couple of years - things have just got out of hand, what with not only being a collector, but also researching various record label discographies. I mean, I keep finding lovely stuff that I'd completely forgotten about once I'd published whichever discography it was.

Well, some of it will find its way onto eBay (i.e. the stuff that I reckon should go for silly amounts of money - link to come here once I get started) but the rest will be going on these listings at (mostly) decently modest prices. Keep coming back; there'll be more!

CDs and cassettes:


  • Progressive, pop and rock records for sale (coming later)
  • Folk records for sale (coming later)
  • Easy listening/cheese-core records for sale (oh, come on maaan, I mean, Harry Stoneham rocks!) (coming later)

Other stuff: