Saydisc updates and additions

Lots of things have come to light since the Saydisc & Village Thing Discography was published so some of the following links provide updates and additions. There was also a lot of stuff that could have been included in the discography, but which was eventually excluded because of page limitations and publishing deadline. To start, I've added some summary listings (some are still works-in-progress). I'll add a few more bits and pieces as and when.

Updates and additions to discography

Stuff to complement the discography

Space was heavily restricted in the discography and a lot of possible summary listings were dropped as being a bit too 'trainspotty' and for taking up too much room. In the end, the only summary list included was the Matchbox listing - and that only to preclude an inconvenient near-empty page at end of the main SD catalogue section! So below are a lot of listings of other series within the SD catalogue.

The various series are listed below in the order in which the first of the series appeared. This might be a bit 'wrong footed' on occasion because sometimes a series wasn't made explicit until several records in and some series only exist on advertising materials rather than being explicitly stated on the record sleeves themselves. I have only had access to a limited number of advertising inserts and catalogues and some series may have been documented earlier than I know of. Any further information welcome!

Summary listings of Saydisc's various series:

Odds and sods lists: