Saydisc discography updates and additions

When the discography was published, there were various unaccounted-for catalogue numbers on both Saydisc's SD main catalogue sequence and on the CP custom pressing sequence. The most common reasons for this are:
  • The record had only been pressed up in small quantities (probably for distribution by the artist rather than via Saydisc) and no pressing card had survived in Saydisc's records. On these occasions, Saydisc's Gef Lucena has either no (or sketchy) recollection of what was issued.
  • Records on other labels manufactured by Saydisc (i.e. Roots and JASS) were often (but not always!) internally assigned SD catalogue numbers even though being issued on other labels/sequences. Some are known (purely because SD catalogue numbers appeared as matrix numbers on the records) though most are not.
Only one record has come to light so far for an unaccounted-for catalogue number, though further information about differences between original and subsequent pressings for various releases has come to light, so that information is added here (and will be added to as and when).
  • SD-115 - The Folk'sles: Chicken On A Raft, Etc. (prob.1966) - this represented one of the unknowns - see further details at (The above number has caused some confusion in that the CD release of CP 115 (which was a full Saydisc release despite being issued on the contract pressing sequence) came out as CD-SDL 115.)
  • 33SD140 - Lauri Say And The Island Folk: Songs For Singing Islanders (1968) - this is now known to exist in an earlier generic sleeve to that shown in the discography; see further details at
The two following records represent curiosities that were missing from the discography for the very good reason that I had no reason to even suspect their existence (in that the two sequence numbers in question were already accounted for).
Despite the Saydisc catalogue numbers and the Flyright-Matchbox credits (and label designs?), these are not Saydisc releases. Saydisc had, by this time, sold off part of their catalogue to the Flyright/Swift group (email from Gef Lucena, 3 Jan. 2016). The first Library of Congress joint release was issued in 1973 and the last was issued in 1976. SDM 257 and SDM 258 represented volumes 3 and 4 and somehow Flyright must have forgotten about volumes 5 and 6 (SDM 264/SDM 265) and just carried on where they thought that they'd left off. Possibly...although the sleeves state SDM 259 and SDM 260, the booklet issued with SDM 260 lists these two LPs as FLY 259 and FLY 260. Except this doesn't really help because these numbers still don't fit into any of Flyright's other numbering sequences. The guess is that because all of the other records in the series were credited as Flyright-Matchbox, they just carried on for neatness and then just plain got the numbers wrong!

In terms of contract pressings, full details of most of the 7" mini LPs manufactured for the Dutch, specialist JASS label have come to light, including the fact that all came in picture sleeves that included full track and recording details (hence labels being a bit light on detail):
  • JASS 601 - Henry Allen Jr And His New York Orchestra / J.C. Higginbotham And His Six Hicks - see further details on
  • JASS 602 - see the JASS 607 link for near-definitive details of track listing ('near-definitive' in that the sleeve only includes main artist name rather than full group name).
  • JASS 603 - see the JASS 607 link for near-definitive details of track listing.
  • JASS 604 - see the JASS 607 link for near-definitive details of track listing.
  • JASS 605 - listed as 'Unknown' in the discography; this would appear now to be because nothing was issued on this catalogue number (the sleeve for JASS 607 lists all releases but with a satisfying gap between 604 and 606, so that's one less to worry over).
  • JASS 606 - see the JASS 607 link for near-definitive details of track listing.
  • JASS 607 - Mound City Blowers / Eddie Condon And His Orchestra - see further details on
  • JASS 608 - see the JASS 607 link for near-definitive details of track listing.

It is possible that only the records were manufactured via Saydisc and that JASS' Dick Baaker sourced the sleeves from elsewhere. Certainly my copies all came from Saydisc label manager, John Lucena's collection and none included picture sleeves, whilst all other Saydisc and related records in the collection were complete.