Bristol Folk updates

Additions to discography - work in progress

A few more records have come out of the woodwork since the book was published in 2009:

  • NORMAN BEATON: Love Is Around/The Skin (7" single, Seven Sun, SSUN 14, released June 20 1975; Norman Beaton had a residency at The Troubadour in the late 1960s)
  • NORMAN BEATON: Family Man/Skin (7" single, Creole, CR130, released May 28 1976; the a-side was a vocal version of the 'Fosters' TV series theme)
  • NORMAN BEATON: Family Man/Fosters T.V. theme (7" single, Calendar, DAY 107, released May 20 1977)
  • MUTTER SLATER: Dancing on Air/Solitude (7" single, Rocket, ROKN510, released 26 March 1976; Stackridge solo outing)
  • AJ WEBBER: La La Song/Jam Jars (7" single, Anchor, ANC 1001 - released 20 September 1975)
  • AJ WEBBER: Power of Prayer/That's Life (7" single, Anchor, ANC 1022 - released 3 October 1975)
  • HAZEL GUMMIDGE: Crescendo/Get Back to the Country (7" single in picture sleeve, Handkerchief, HANKY 2 - released 17 October 1975; really Aj Webber)
  • AJ WEBBER: Blue Anchor Lou/Carpenter (7" single, Anchor, ANC 1028 - released 15 April 1976)
  • AJ WEBBER: Blue Anchor Lou/Movie Queen (7" single, Anchor, ANC 1028 - released 14 May 1976; it looks as though there was a bit of a rethink about the b-side)

Another local record label

Whilst documenting Saydisc, Village Thing, Matchbox, Great Western Records, Pillock Productions et al, what I didn't know about was that there was a highly-regarded, though short-lived, blues reissue label being run from a bedroom in Portbury between 1968 and 1970.

Peter Moody, ex-John Dummer's Blues Band, was a regular on Bristol's folk-blues scene, and released four LPs on his Sunflower label along with two further LPs that are referred to as being 'sort-of-Sunflower' in that they were not on any specific label. All six records were manufactured via Saydisc and all bar one were limited editions with only 99 pressings made of each (the other had only 70 copies pressed). Both John Peel and Billy Boy Arnold were customers!

For much of the early 1970s, Pete teamed up with Al Jones and, for some reason now calling himself Boris, toured all over the place, enjoying, as Al's daughter Emily put it, much 'high jinks' along the way. Pete is still involved in putting classic blues compilations together.

See a lot more information on Sunflower the Saydisc updates pages.