About us

Bristol Folk Publications

Bristol Folk Publications is a small (but perfectly flawed) publishing company that publishes occasionally rather than often. In this way quality, rather than quantity, is the watchword. BFP's manifesto is simple: to publish books about Bristol and books written by Bristolians and adopted Bristolians; doubtless it will go under soon.

August 2017 update: Bristol Folk Publications is pleased to announce that its The Record Press imprint has won a prestigious, international, academic award for publishing the award winning discography, The Immediate Discography: the First 20 Years. So that's a nice double - both the author and the publishing company picked up awards at the same time. Now there's a double reason to buy our stuff!

Publishing imprints

The Record Press

The Record Press imprint was created to market the Great British Record Labels series of discographies. The series currently covers Immediate, Charisma, Saydisc and Village Thing, Transacord, B&C's non-reggae labels and Virgin. Future volumes will cover Sweet Folk All, Harvest, Manticore, WWA, Purple, Swan Song and others.
The next volume in preparation will cover Joe Stead's Sweet Folk All releases on his Sweet Folk & Country and Greenwich Village labels, labels that ran the gamut of club folk, folk-based comedy, home-grown UK country music, jazz (trad and decidedly modern) along with projects of significant historical importance, such as the recording of Stan Hugill, Britain's last-surviving (authentic) singer of sea shanties.

Burnham Priory Publications

The Burnham Priory imprint was created to market Harry Jones' series of westerns and adventure novels. Writing as Hal Jons and Harry Graham, Jones had almost twenty novels published between 1960 and his early death in 1983. All of the early works were westerns, a genre that was at the peak of its popularity in the 1960s and 1970s: recently these have been highlighted as exemplars of genre. Harry then turned to his mining childhood in south Wales and to his wartime experiences for material, which resulted in "Pit Prop" and "Channel Incident" respectively - the latter of which was translated into several languages.
Burnham Priory is working with the surviving members of Harry's family to ensure that the family benefits to the full from this welcome series of reissues. Harry's death prevented publication of several other works and these too will be published in the (hopefully) near future.
Why Burnham Priory? Well, Jones wrote all of his books whilst living in either Priory Road or Burnham Road, both in Shirehampton, Bristol.

The Diogenes Press

The Diogenes Press was created to market various academic and business-related books that didn't sit well on the main imprint. Several works are currently under way on subjects as diverse as database design for non-techies (it has a snappier title than this now it's published - go see details), a guide on surviving university that takes a unique approach, tentatively titled "A Systems Guide to Surviving and Thriving at University", and a 'cookbook' of resources for academics teaching on various systems and business courses.
These last two projects are the work of two young academics, Iorwerth Tosca (a wonderfully outspoken Italian-Welsh firebrand - best kept off the Brains SA) and Lol Weston (the worryingly quiet one), who have found the everyday world of academic publishing to be somewhat 'unsympathetic' to real innovation in their respective academic fields. The Diogenes Press firmly believes that it is bad that "Humans have complicated every simple gift of the gods" and is only too happy to provide a home to Iorwerth and Lol, two intellectual mavericks who intend to make things simple again. And fun as well.