Match reports
Saturday 20th FebruaryBCKC II v Exeter I (11-24)
BCKC III v Exeter II (6-13)

Special mentions today to Mike who scored 5 for the BCKC II team and Tom who scored 4 in the BCKC III match!  

Also, a lovely return to the pitch for Boy Sam!

Sunday 14th FebruaryBCKC I v Cardiff Uni I (23-26)

Lots of goals scored but sadly they scored more!

Saturday 6th February    Horfield III v BCKC III (6-6)
Horfield II v BCKC II (10-14)

Our BCKC III had a brilliant match.  We were winning until the last 10 minutes when Horfield equalised!  Well done BCKC III!

This was an important match for BCKC II this weekend and we had a weaker team than normal with many regular players daring to be on holiday!  Despite that, a slightly unusual team worked well together and pushed forwards towards a solid victory!

Sunday 31st January      Taunton II v BCKC III (0-10)
Taunton I v BCKC II (27-13)

We drove down to Taunton to find that our opponents had not been informed that the match started at 3pm!  we therefore won the first match by default.  Huge thanks to all of our new players who travelled to Taunton only to turn around and come back again.  

Although BCKC II put up a strong fight Taunton I were too good for us! 

Saturday 23rd JanuaryHorfield I v BCKC I  (12-20)

BCKC I beat our friendly local rivals during an intense game this weekend!

Sunday 17th January Cardiff Raptors v BCKC I (19-22)

Da Iawn! 

(Well done team!)

Saturday 16th January BCKC II v Bristol Uni I (5-18)
BCKC III v Bristol Uni II (11-8)

Two brilliant games against the Uni today!  My word, they're young and fit!  

MVPs for BCKC II - Sarah and Sean
Saturday 9th January            BCKC I v Basingstoke (13-17)
BCKC II v Exeter Uni I (10-13)
BCKC III v Exeter Uni II (13-17)

Unfortunately three losses for our team today but we will remedy that next week!  Come on BCKC!

Sunday 13th DecemberGloucester III v BCKC II (11-14)
Thunder IV v BCKC III (5-9)

Two brilliant wins for BCKC today!
Now we can stop and eat some well earned mince pies!
Saturday 12th DecemberOxford City v BCKC I

Strong win today!  Well done to our regional team!
Saturday 5th DecemberBCKC II v Horfield II (11-9)
BCKC I v Horfield I (11-9)

Woohoo - well done teams!
Followed by a brilliant Korfmas Social :-)
Saturday 28th NovemberThunder I v BCKC I (24-13)

Well what can I say?  We actually won the second half....the aim for next match is to win both!

Saturday 21st NovemberBCKC III v Bristol Uni II (2-7)
BCKC II v Bristol Uni I (7-12)
BCKC I v Oxford (14-15)

Brilliant outing for BCKC III.  A new team took on a strong Uni team and held them at 1-1 until 45-minutes in to the match.  

BCKC II fought hard against the youngsters but sadly it's wasn't quite enough. 

BCKC I and Oxford was a traditional nail biter of a match.  So really could have gone either way!

MVPs for SWKA matches - Sarah, Rob, Bex and Tom

 Sunday 8th NovemberBCKC I v Cardiff Raptors (21-13)

Great match!  Well done BCKC I. 

Saturday 7th November BCKC III v Thunder III (13-7)
BCKC II v Gloucester Lions I (15-15)

Hard fought match against Gloucester Lions today!
Unfortunately BCKC III weren't able to challenge a strong Thunder team.  Let's see what happens on the return match next year......

Saturday 31st October Exeter Uni I v BCKC II (20-10)
Exeter Uni II v BCKC III (10-6)

Bristol City put up a strong defence against the bouncy students but unfortunately it wasn't enough.  We may not have won but we played well!

MVPs - Sarah, Tim, Mark and Bev

 Saturday 24th OctoberBCKC I v Horfield I (17-13) 

Brilliant game against Horfield I.  At times it looked like Horfield might be capable of taking the lead but a strong BCKC team soon took control again.  Interesting own goal by Jon from Horfield!  Thanks Jon. 

 Sunday 18th October Cardiff Uni I v BCKC I (21-19) 

Close game against Cardiff Uni in the Regional league.  Every single member of the team contributed to the goal count in a perfect demonstration of team work!

 Saturday 17th October BCKC II v Taunton I (12-20)
BCKC III v Taunton II (6-10) 

Super Saturday saw BCKC take on Taunton Soul at Merchant's Academy.  

MVPs - Sean, Jen, Marie and Mark

 Sunday 11th October BCKC I v Thunder II (11-11)

Tense first game of the season for BCKC I.  
We were winning for the majority of the game but then Thunder fought back to draw the match.  Well done Bristol City!

 Saturday 10th October Exeter Korfball Club I v BCKC II (21-9) 
Exeter Korfball Club II v BCKC III (7-9)

Brilliant win by BCKC III today!  Great start to the season!

MVPs - Claire, Tom, Rich and Marie