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Fall 2008

The Bristol Boys are working to carry on the trio since the passing of our band leader Matt Nozzolio. We have had our friends Robert Fraker, Dave Shaw and Bob Mavian work with us to keep our sound going.Matt would have wanted us to continue the group and we're doing the best we can to honor his memory.


July 20, 2008

All Aboard With the Bristol Boys is released

The band's long-awaited CD was released on July 18, 2008. The CD contains some all-time favorites such as Wreck of the Old 97 and Wabash Cannonball; lesser-known tunes , such as Railroad Boomer from Roy Acuff and Nobody Knows But Me by Jimmie Rodgers. The 13-tune CD also includes an original instrumental, Silvertown Rag. The CD will be available at all of our shows, for $15. If you'd like a copy by mail, email us. The cost will be $18, including postage and handling. We'd like to thank, most of all our spouses, Claude, Robin and Jean, for their patience and encouragement. Also, big thanks go to Peter Hill of Horizon Blue for his great ear and engineering skill.

Bluegrass at Buttery Brook

We had the privilege of playing at this annual one-day festival at beautiful Buttery Brook Park in South Hadley, Mass. Thanks, Dave, Rose and Dan for having us, providing great sound, and thanks to Michelle for staffing the well-stocked band hospitality tent.

It was a real treat to hear the other bands, as well. We enjoy Crabgrass' take on Lonesome River Band-style songs, and White Mountain Bluegrass continue to play some of the most honest, heartfelt songs. 

 Josh Williams is a 13-year-old singer and guitar player. You can't call him an up-and-comer because he's already arrived and has the goods; great voice and song selection, and a stage presence that belies his age.

It was definitely worth the wait to hear Travers Chandler and Avery County, who had an arduous trek, flying from Fla. to North Carolina; and then driving to Mass. (striking a deer in Virginia on the way). The boy can burn it up and tear your heart out in the space of a few minutes. 

For another account and some photos, see 

It was great to see old friends and make some new ones. We're getting excited about the Danby (VT) Bluegrass and Old-Time Country fest this coming weekend.


July 2, 2008

Well, no one can accuse us of being rash and ones to rush into things. Proof of that is that our CD, which we started recording in October, is just about wrapped up.  We'll have a limited number of advance copies available at the Andover Gazebo show on July 11 and Bluegrass at the Woodland in Foster, RI on July 13. The fully packaged version will be available soon thereafter.


June 5, 2008 --

Please vote for The Bristol Boys in the Local Music Spotlight! The Musician who gets the most votes by the end of this month will be featured next month on the front page of We're competing against rock and jazz types, but we're up to the challenge.  This contest runs for 1 month, so keep voting every day.



You can vote once per day, and random voters will receive prizes, so please support The Bristol Boys and help us win!


May 20, 2008 -- We've just been added to the performing roster for the Stratford Day Festival the town's major event. We'll be playing out of the sun, in the community center which is along the festival site. We'll start at 2 p.m. 

We played there last year and had a great time. We're sure it'll be a fun day this year, too.

April 13, 2008 -- Charter Oak Bluegrass organized a fine showcase for Connecticut bands last night at the East Hartford Community Cultural Center.
The auditorium was filled, and others chose to pick in a side room. We were glad to get things started, and Matt later did a tune with Charter Oak (his former band) before Bruce led a jam consisting of players from all the other bands - Grass Routes, Shady Creek, Crossover and Second Circle.
Earlier in the day, we finished recording the songs for our upcoming CD -- as yet untitled.
We did Streamlined Cannonball, When You and I Were Young, Maggie, I Can't Help it if I'm Still in Love With You and Night Train to Memphis. Next up is mixing and mastering.  

April 12, 2008 -- We hope to record the last few songs for our CD today, and then head over to East Hartford for the Charter Oak CD release show. We'll kick things off at 6:15.

March 31, 2008 -- We had a great trip to Brandon, VT, to play for Linda Berry's show at the Neshobe Sportsman's Club. The crowd filled the concert area and into the dining area. Acoustic Blue is sounding better all the time, and we enjoyed catching up with Bear and the boys. 

The audience was very kind and appreciative. We'll be back int he general vicinity in July for the festival in Danby


The Bristol Boys have been seeking ways to diversify our enterprise. Believe it or not, despite our talent, we are not multi-millionaires.  I know, that is hard to believe.

Despite the little problem that we had after we sent away for that "Amazing Easy Way to Get Into Electricity" course ("Learn Without Lessons in 90 Days"), we realize the importance of finding new ways to improve our cash flow -- without actually having to work, of course. 

Therefore, we are following the lead of many self-made wealthy persons and starting our own news service. Eventually, we hope that this service will be competing with the United Press International and the Hearst News Service to acquire "scoops".  Check here regularly to keep truly informed with the latest news and insightful commentary.


The Bristol Boys aren't The Bristol Boys 

The Hartford Courant today reported about a movie called Bristol Boys that is about some drug dealers in that Connecticut City. We would like to state for the record that we're not involved with the production, nor did the producers consult us or seek to use any of our music.

We haven't seen any good movies since Camille.

February 22, 1929 -- Charles Lindbergh has been appointed technical adviser to the aeronautics branch of the U.S. Department of Commerce. He will be paid $25 per day while on duty.  The funds will come from the department's coins-found-between-cushions account.

January 31, 1929 -- What does the well-dressed man have in his wardrobe? Well, according to the National Association of Merchant Tailors, meeting this week in Philadelphia -- at least 20 suits, a dozen hats, eight overcoats and 24 pairs of shoes.

The Bristol Boys believe that the Merchant Tailors' math is a bit off.   For example, there are three Bristol Boys. We each have only 1 shirt, which we circulate among ourselves. And, needless to say, we are well-dressed.

January 30, 1929 -- Professor Albert Einstein's new theory amalgamating the fundamental principles of relativistic mechanics and that of electricity in a single formula was issued by the Prussian Academy of Sciences, asserting that there is only one substance -- the field.  Einstein deducts that this single universal law contains electric and gravitational components, all of which it connects with a single formula.

We have only this to say about that: HELLOOOO! We came up with the idea first. As everyone knows, mail to Prussia can be very slow. Also, we had to re-type the paper because we spilled scrambled eggs on them when we were working on the theory over breakfast down at the Mug O Joe.  Thanks a lot,  "PROFESSOR"  Einstein.  Let's see who'll fix your fiddle the next time you run over it with your bicycle. 

January 7, 1929 -- President Coolidge entertained his old friend, James Lucey, the philosopher cobbler of Northampton, Mass., and Mr. Lucey's son at the White House. The invitation was extended 7 years ago.  Asked why it took so long to fulfill the invitation, Mr. Lucey said, "I've been busy. I had to put a new heel on Fred Baxter's oxford." 

January 4, 1929 -- A thief took glass tubes containing 100,000,000 influenza germs from a doctor's auto in London.

The next day, 23,429 cases of Kleenex were stolen from a school teacher's auto in London.

The next day, authorities launched investigations into why a doctor was carrying 100,000,000 influenza germs in his auto and what was a teacher going to do with all of that Kleenex.


January 2, 1929 -- Franklin D. Roosevelt was sworn in yesterday as Governor of New York, succeeding Alfred E. Smith. 

We've had our eys on this Roosevelt fella, and can tell you that he's not going to settle for just being the governor of New York. He's going to on to bigger and better things. Sources tell us that he's angling for the presidency of the F.W. Woolworth Co.