Understanding that no one is qualified in and of themselves, it is God that qualifies us by grace alone through faith alone in the work of Jesus Christ alone, we recognize there are Biblical qualities that must be present in receiving and maintaining members. For a person to be received into membership he/she must be:


o      Born Again: God must have given spiritual life to the person. This new life is made evident by the fruit of faith and repentance along with devotion to Christ as Lord. The individual must have the ability to articulate their faith (they must have a credible profession of faith). If you are not sure about your relationship with Christ, please read 1 John in the New Testament.

o      Baptized by Immersion as a believer: Christ and His disciples taught the importance and significance of Scriptural Baptism. This first step of obedience must be taken prior to being received into membership.

o      Committed to the church's statement of faith: The statement of faith is a document that summarizes Biblical doctrine. We recognize that in order to have true unity doctrinal agreement is necessary.

o      Committed to the church covenant: The church covenant is a document that summarizes the Biblical teaching related to congregational life. The congregation recognizes this document as a statement that reflects its commitment to Biblical Christianity.