1st Bristol Workshop on Banking and Financial Intermediation

Date: May 30th, 2017

Venue: University of Bristol

Registration: We welcome academics and practitioners to attend the workshop. In case of interest please send an email to Balint.Horvath@bristol.ac.uk.


8.40Opening remarks
8.45“Who Consumes the Credit Union Tax Subsidy?”
Presenter: Bob DeYoung (University of Kansas)
Discussion by Piotr Danisewicz (University of Bristol)
9.25“Lobbying and the Resolution of Failed Banks”
Presenter: Thomas Lambert (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Discussion by Louis Nguyen (University of St Andrews)
10.05“Heterogenous Regulation of Financial Institutions”
Presenter: Wolf Wagner (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Discussion by Rhiannon Sowerbutts (Bank of England)
10.45Coffee break
11.15“Crowded trades, market clustering and price instability”
Presenter: Iman van Lelyveld (De Nederlandsche Bank)
Discussion by Matthijs Lof (Aalto University)
11.55“A Theory of Endogenous Asset Fire Sales, Bank Runs, and Contagion”
Presenter: Kebin Ma (University of Warwick)
Discussion by Tobias Dieler (University of Bristol)
12.35Lunch break
14.00“Bank Capital (Requirements) and Credit Supply: evidence from Pillar 2 decisions”
Presenter: Olivier de Jonghe (Tilburg University)
Discussion by Ibolya Schindele (Central European University)
14.40 “The international transmission of monetary policy: evidence from UK bank lending”
Presenter: Dennis Reinhardt (Bank of England)
Discussion by Lena Tonzer (Halle Institute for Economic Research)
15.20“A positive analysis of bank behaviour under capital requirements”
Presenter: Frederic Malherbe (London Business School)
Discussion by Paul Grout (University of Bristol)
16.00Coffee break
16.30“Underwriting as Certification of Bank Bonds”
Presenter: Francisco Rodríguez Fernández (University of Granada)
Discussion by Enrico Onali (Aston University)
17.10“Securitisation and Optimal Foreclosure”
Presenter: John Kuong (INSEAD)
Discussion by Sonny Biswas (University of Bristol)
17.50Closing remarks

Organised by the Banking Research Group of the University of Bristol:
  • Sonny Biswas
  • Piotr Danisewicz
  • Tobias Dieler
  • Fabiana Gomez
  • Balint Horvath
  • Klaus Schaeck