Bristol Adult ADHD Support Group

New Members Welcome!


Please note that we now have a new page on the AADD-UK website and so therefore we will no longer be maintaining this page. 
We will leave basic information about when and where we meet on this page and it will be available until December 2012.  After that time, this page will disappear.  In the meantime, we will be adding regular updates to our new page on the AADD-UK website here.
1.  We meet on the second Friday of the month from 7pm to 9pm so our next meetings  will be on the following dates:  Friday, 9th March 2012; Friday, 13th April 2012; Friday, 11th May 2012; Friday, 8th June 2012; Friday, 13th July 2012; Friday, 10th August 2012; Friday, 14th September 2012; Friday, 12th October 2012; Friday, 9th November 2012; and Friday, 8th December 2012.

2. Our meeting location has changed.  We are no longer meeting at the Pierian Centre which has closed, instead our meetings will be held in the large meeting room at Bristol Mind.  Bristol Mind  is in the centre of Bristol at 35 Old Market Street, Bristol, BS2 0EZ.  More information about Bristol Mind can be found

3. There is no fee for the support group.  It is free and you do not need to reserve a place.

Please see our new page here