June 2013

  • Install RuleMate 500 with integrated solid state switch. 
    • Whale SuperSub failed. Impeller shaft rusted and impeller separated. 
  • Replace WaterWitch 230 on the Rule 2000
    • It failed, latched on, running forever. 
  • New autopilot mounting bolts. 
    • The original's stripped. I taped for a larger size. 

July 2013 

  • Repair Autopilot drive
  • Replace Racor Filter

Haul Out

April 2013 


- Bottom paint: 2 gallons of Petite SR-60, black
- Painted cove and boot stripe navy blue: 1 quart of Benjamin Moore p22 industrial coating
- Compound/polish topsides: Presta Ultra cutting creme
- Seal topsides: Zaino show car polish
- Rebuild head (NOTE need the PHRKIIC kit, not the  PHRKII), 
- Poor man's Lazarette support
- Install throttle stop on engine. 


March 2013 


Transmission swap


Motor Mounts

Replace transmission, with low hr. used unit. 
  • Replace all 4 motor mounts
  • Hot tank & paint exhaust manifold
  • New thermostat
  • Replace all manifold gaskets

Major items before my ownership

Up to 2010

      • Hull Work
      • All hoses have been replaced within the last four years.
      • Rudder lower bearing, stuffing box and cutlass bearing replaced in 2006.
      • Steering cable, chain and bearings replaced in 2006.
      • Sea cocks and thruhulls replaced in 2005. Groco notified me that the seacocks made in that year were subject to failure. Groco provide new replacements which I have installed.
  • All AC and Primary DC wiring replaced.