Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PTO? 

PTO stands for Parent-Teacher Organization. At Briscoe Middle School, the PTO is made up of 100% volunteers. Every parent/guardian of a Briscoe student is a member and can participate. There are no dues required. 

Why should I get involved? 

Briscoe PTO’s success is based on the strength of its volunteers. Parents are welcome in the school, and their support and assistance is sought in a variety of ways. When parents volunteer, both families and the school reap benefits that come in few other ways. Getting involved at any level is also a great way for parents to get to know other parents and staff.

How much time do I need to commit? 

As much or as little as you are able. 

The Briscoe PTO consists of parents who work full-time inside and outside of the home. Some folks commit significant amounts of time to fundraising or other committee work while others get involved for a few hours on a PTO sponsored event. 

Any amount of time you can give is welcome and appreciated!


About Briscoe Fundraising

There are two main all-school fundraisers that provide the funds for Briscoe’s general budget, which is used for all students at the middle school. All proceeds supplement the general budget which funds all team allotments and field trips, wish list items, class, school, grade and school presentations, all grade year end awards, the 8th grade celebration, 6th grade Nature’s Classroom transportation, 5th grade Step Up, 8th grade extra trip transportation, high school scholarships and more.

NOTE: Some grades and teams do additional fundraising to supplement other trips and experiences for that group. If your child is doing additional fundraising, they are having additional experiences.

Briscoe PTO General Meetings

General PTO meetings are open to EVERYONE – parents and teachers alike! Meeting reminders are included in the Homeward Bound blog, on the District calendar, and in all-school notices. Getting information from your middle school child is not always the easiest thing to do. The Briscoe Middle School community has done a wonderful job in making all the students feel welcome and connected to what is going on at the school. Our goal as a PTO this year and every year is to help all the families feel just as informed! 

Go to the PTO Meetings page for a schedule and more details on each meeting.

Homeward Bound Blog

Homeward Bound is a blog updated daily for parents and families and posted online at http://briscoehomewardbound.blogspot.com/. In it you’ll find out about everything going on at the school, including information on all the many activities available for our kids, such as cross country, flag football, field hockey, chess club, math club, The Green Team, yearbook, Student Council, basketball, All City Jazz Band, spring musical, and spring track—just to name a few. 

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For more information, go to www.beverlyschools.org; under Schools, navigate to Briscoe. The website will answer many questions you have about the school and includes information such as contact emails for Mr. Poska, Mr. Conant, Ms. Norton, and the rest of the staff; a link to the daily announcements; grade and team information; class schedules; a link to this Briscoe PTO website and much more.