Welcome Sammy!

Right before Christmas, some of us recieved an urgent email about a Shiba in San Diego in need of rescue. He was hit by a car and to make matters worse, was abandoned by his family. The vet had no options but to euthanize him as they had sought assistance and had heard nothing. They needed funding to back his much-needed surgeries.  Poor Sammy sat in a cage in the vet for weeks with injured legs, waiting for his fate to be determined.  The great news is that those of us suckers couldn't stand by and let Sammy be euthanized!  We had to come to his rescue - and what a great Christmas present for us, as well as for him!  Soon, there was enough funding to get him through his first surgery and save him for another fate.  Even better for Sammy - and little did he know how lucky he was - Bella's parents, Terri & Steve, decided to become his new loving parents!!!  So just wait until Bella finally gets home and meets her new brother!

Sammy was "delivered" - via a number of people who helped drive him from San Diego - to Terri & Steve's on January 30th!  He is PRECIOUS!!!  Unfortunately, his nerve damage to his front leg was also quite extensive so the vet did have to amputate it.  But despite having a weak back leg in recovery from the previous surgery, and a newly missing front leg, he gets along quite well.  And oh WHAT a sweetheart!  He just looks at you and you melt.  To see such a gentle soul, who has been through so much .... just look back at you with his loving eyes, in his sweet disposition - it's immediate love when you meet him.

Obviously there are plenty of medical bills still to pay. So for anyone who wants to help Sammy out with his additional expenses, I'm sure that Terri & Steve would welcome the assistance. If you want to help with any of his expenses, the address is: Animal Medical Center of East County, 600 Broadway, El Cajon, Ca 92021 Attn. Lisa Cabot, "For Sammy the Shiba Fund".  [Note that you want it to go towards his amputation surgery.]  In the meantime, just check out these pictures of Sammy Belsley.....(the before picture - before his fate was determined and still sitting in the crate in the vet's office, ..... and then all of the others at the Belsley home.)