Dedicated to Bringing Bella back to her home

Most of you know that the new rescue, Sammy, that Terri and Steve rescued has been with them for several months now and his surgical leg is healing extremely well as is the area of his amputated leg. You can see the pictures in the "Welcome Sammy!" section.  He's so precious and so very sweet, and is even already getting along with the cats!  Unfortunately for the little guy, they learned that Sammy's good rear leg had developed Medial Patellar Luxation (MPL) likely due to the extra stress due from his other back leg surgery and front leg amputation.  It was affecting his ability to walk and his gait, as the knee pops in and out, while he depends on this good leg for alot. The surgery was successful on 5/28 but he requries a bit more the week of 20 July so please keep Sammy and the Belsleys in your thoughts!  They're very eager for their little guy to be able to be a normal Shiba Inu, running and playing. We think we should have a party by Labor Day to celebrate Sammy's freedom from surgeries and just be a normal, playful dog that he yearns to be!!!!
Latest update from Terri is posted on the Terri email link. New update 07/11/09 -

Latest on the Court proceedings: Thanks to all of you who have shown so much support with the court proceedings.  Click here to get the outcome from Terri herself, as well as read the latest on Sammy and Terri and Steve's thanks to all of you!

Latest on the Search:
We will continue looking for Bella along the trail in the Coyote Creek/Metcalf/Parkway fishing/Percolation ponds/Bailey/IBM areas.  They have added food and, while they have not spotted Bella again yet, they have been seeing foxes which in the past, have been good indicators to Bella being in the area, too. CONTACT INFO: (408)891-4239

Postcard update: The postcard went out on 11/18, to vet clinics in a 100 mile radius of our zip code and we've added some additional metro pockets that the 100 mile only took us to the outskirts.  Postcards will go north thru greater Sac Metro area, including Roseville, south to King City, west to the ocean, east to include all of Fresno.  I've attached a copy of the postcard.  It also has a different photo of Bella on the front.

Shibas Need Our Help:
We recently heard from Red Young, who is the Northern California Shiba Rescue Coordinator, that the numbers of Shibas needing homes or temporary foster homes has grown dramatically in California and neighboring states.  Red has been in contact with Shiba Rescue coordinators throughout the nation and the story is very similar.  If you think that you would be interested in a Shiba or could provide a temporary foster home, please contact Red Young at or 408-347-0470.  Here is the web link to the National Shiba Rescue   Red says that he has several Shibas "in the pipeline" who will need homes/foster homes shortly.

VOLUNTEER help needed:

First Responders needed to spring into action with the next confirmed pic of Bella on the trail cam, to help us get the trap up and set up for the stakeout.

[Donna also needs volunteers to help search for other lost dogs.  Click here for more.]

Tools to Find Bella:

HINT:  Be sure to let everyone that you speak with know that if they see a dog that might be Bella to take a picture of it with their cellphones.

Excellent maps which show where dog barks were heard along trail most recently.