The Brimfield Cable Advisory Committee is always looking for youth and adult volunteers interested in learning about or making video programming. There are several ways to get involved.

If you are interested in town affairs there is always a need for volunteers to film and tape these town selectmen and other meetings as they are broadcast live on channel 19. The content is very interesting and keeps our town's population up to speed on what is happening in Brimfield governmental affairs that can affect us all.

Or share your talent is to propose new show ideas and help organize the content and filming. These can run the gamut from children's shows to senior citizen interests. They can be informative, educational, artistic and musical, or spotlight events that reflect the essence of our "special town" or just plain fun.

Training will be provided for anyone who thinks this might be of interest.

Also, volunteers who commit to produce regularly can even get PAID a stipend from our cable grant. Help bring Brimfield together. This can be your own programs or shooting video at town functions
.A limited number of stipends are available, and seniors can get a deferral of some of their property taxes, up to $1,000 a year.

To join the crew, contact The Cable Advisory Committee by e-mail or at the Town Hall Annex, 23 Main St., Brimfield, MA 01010. Or call and leave a message for the Cable Committee at 413-245-4100, following the prompts or by dialing extension 151.