Brilliant Elementary School and Brilliant High School were merged during the Summer of 2018 to form a K-12 Unit School that is called Brilliant School.  Brilliant School consists of two separate campuses--a K-6 campus which also houses a HeadStart Pre K and a 7-12 campus.  One principal serves both campuses.


Brilliant School Recently Received GREAT NEWS from the Alabama State Department of Education Report Card !!! Our school had some of the highest report card grades in both Marion County and in the State of Alabama.  The information that was used to come up with our report card grades was taken from data prior to our merger of Brilliant Elementary School and Brilliant High School into Brilliant School, hence the reason for two grades.

Brilliant Elementary School = 91 = A

Brilliant High School  = 86 = B

Congratulations to the students and staff at Brilliant School for these AWESOME REPORT CARDS which came as a result of lots of hard work and dedication!!!


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