Judging a Girl from her Features & Looks

    A girl whose feet are soft, smooth, well developed, warm, shining pink in colour, without much
    perspiration, will be enjoying full happiness befitting her sex. If the indications are contrary,
    she will suffer misery.

    A girl whose soles bear the symbols of conch, wheel, lotus, flag, stout fish, umbrella and the
    line of Head (as understood in Palmistry) on her left hand is fairly long, is fit to be married
    by a King. Symbols of rat, snake and crow denote poverty/misery.

Nails on Toes
    Shining pink in colour, smooth, raised and round nails indicate happiness & good health.
    Blackish or torn nails indicate misery.

Great Toe

    Raised, full, round, pink colour indicates happiness. Small and irregular in shape denote misery.

Short in length
short life
poverty & servitude
Bent & irregular in shape
deceitful nature
Spaced more than average
mediocre financial status
Toes overlapping one over the other

widowhood and spending the rest of life
depending on a relation
Smallest (5th) toe doesn't touch the ground   
Will forsake husband & marry another
If 2nd toe is longer than great toe
Conjugal happiness before marriage
If 3rd and 4th do not touch ground
If dust on the road is thrown up while
a girl walks
She will turn out to be a bad character
and bring shame.

Back of Feet
    Raised, as smooth and soft as a lotus flower, without veins showing up and with no visible hair
    is the sign of a Queen. Veins showing up indicates that she will have to travel a lot. Hair on feet
    denotes servitude and if feet are lean, bony or without flesh, it is an indication that she is
    sexually undesirable.

    Even heels denotes she is good for companionship
    Stout ............................  undesirable sexually
    High .............................  loose character
    Long .............................  misery

Legs (portion below knee)
    Even, smooth, without hair, without veins showing up, are signs of a girl destined to enjoy life fully.

    Round, smooth, good looking knees are lucky indications. Loose knees indicate poverty. Bony knees
    without flesh connote loose character.


    Fleshy, round, like an elephant's trunk or the trunk of a plantain tree, spacing between thighs being
    very little, without hair, denote that she is good enough to be married by a King.  

    Circumference not exceeding the width of 24 fingers (approx. 15 to 16") with well developed hips
    denote full happiness. Flat, long, without flesh, caved in or hairy waist forebodes widowhood and

    Raised fleshy hips (like water melon) and well spread indicate full happiness.

Sexual Organ
    Hidden clitoris, pink coloured, curved like the back of tortoise or an elephant's trunk and smooth is
    highly auspicious. If shaped like the feet or deer or furnace, with hard hair, with raised clitoris
    indicates evil. If the left side is raised, she will beget more girl children while a raised right side
    denotes more boys. If the organ is shaped like a conch, she will be barren.

Bottom of Stomach (portion below navel & above sex organ)
    Soft, spread out and slightly raised is highly auspicious. Hairy, veins showing up and full of lines
    (folds or wrinkles) indicate misery.

    Deep, with right turn is auspicious. Raised with left turn is inauspicious.

Sides of Stomach
    Well spread indicates many sons. If sides resemble that of a frog's, her son will become a King.
    Raised sides indicate childlessness; fold/wrinkle denote slavish tendency. Long sides denote birth of a
    Good luck will result if the portion covering ribs is smooth and fleshy


    Even and without hair is lucky and auspicious.


    Of equal size, fleshy, round and firm but close together are lucky. Raised right breast indicates many
    sons; left breast, if raised, indicates more of girls. If the portion surrounding the nipple is round and
    good looking, good luck. Pressed in or unusually small indicates bad luck.


    Even, well built and without the joints showing up are lucky signs.


    Soft, with small smooth hair is lucky; deep, full of perspiration and showing out veins in unlucky.


    Fleshy, soft,round and with veins not showing is lucky.


    If thumbs take the shape of a lotus bud, she is fit to be married by a King. Bent or bony denotes
    bad luck.


    Red, raised in the middle, fingers evenly spaced with few lines on palm is a very auspicious sign.

Back of Hands

    Soft without hair, well-built is lucky.

Palmistry - Lines on Palm

    A clear, pink, circular, smooth, full and deep LINE OF LIFE (as followed by Hindus) indicates
    happiness in full measure.

        On left palm of a girl, the symbol of :-

Stout fish denotes
she is very fortunate
position equal to Queen
one whose son will be equal to a King/enjoy kingly status
will marry a merchant
Horse or Trident
luck and that she will beget a learned & wealthy son
Cart or plough
will marry an agriculturist/farmer
Bow, sword, trident, mace,
trumpet, arrow, ankush, or    
will marry one who will become equal to a King
poverty and misery

If there is a line starting from the thumb to the finger of Mercury, she will suffer widowhood.

    Soft, smooth, long, gradually thinning out and hairless fingers are on fortunate hands. Small,
    bony, bent, hairy, without clear divisions or with more divisions are found on unfortunate hands.

Nails (on fingers)

    Pink in colour and raised are lucky. Dirty or caved in and ugly in shape denote bad luck. White
    spots on nails denote evil befalling.

    Note : According to Nature Cure Specialists, Nails are an index to a man's health.


    Fleshy is lucky. Hair on back with veins showing up are unlucky signs.


    Soft, without bones showing out, with 3 lines (fold/divisions) are lucky. Stout neck denotes
    widowhood. Flat/short neck denotes a barren woman. Bent or curved forward denotes slavish


    Straight and slightly raised in centre is lucky.


    Pink, soft, fleshy chin is a sign of luck. Double or hairy chin is unlucky.


    Raised, fleshy, round and pink in colour denotes luck. Hard or deep without flesh are evil signs.


    Round, smooth and with good odour are lucky signs.

Lips (Lower)

    Red like a lotus petal, smooth and divided in the middle is very auspicious. Dark, long, dry lips
    indicate widowhood and misery.

Lips (Upper)

    Red, slightly raised in the middle, smooth without hair, is very auspicious.


    Pearl white, even, 32, are lucky. If the number of teeth in lower jaw are more than in the upper jaw
    or yellowish, long or double, spread out, are indications of bad luck.


    Red and soft tongue shows enjoyment. Caved in, in the middle and spread out in front indicates
    misery. White tongue indicates death in water. Dark tongue denotes quarrelsome nature. Thick
    tongue denotes poverty. Long tongue - one who is omnivorous; long and broad denotes lunacy.

Upper portion inside mouth

    Red, soft, smooth indicates luck
    White .............................. widowhood
    Yellow .............................  recluse
    Black  .............................  barren
    Dry .................................  large family


    When she laughs, if her cheeks are raised and teeth are not visible, it is a sign of luck.


    Small nostrils of equal size is auspicious. Flat or thick nose is unlucky. If the tip of nose is red or
    shrunken, widowhood is indicated. Flat nose denotes slavery; too small or too large a nose indicates
    quarrelsome nature.


    Black pupil, surroundings white like cow's milk, large and broad, smooth, with dark eye lashes are
    lucky signs. Raised eyes show short life; round eyes denote bad character; honey-coloured eyes
    indicate luck and happiness; eyes resembling those of pigeon denote bad nature; elephant's eyes
    denote suffering. If left eye is non-existent, adulterous tendency will manifest. Non-existence of
    right eye denotes barren-ness.

Eye lashes

    Soft, black and thin are lucky.

Eye brows

    Round shaped like a bow, smooth, black, not joined in the middle, indicate happiness.


    Long with a round turn indicates children and happiness. Small, unevenly shaped, very thin, with
    veins showing up are unlucky signs.


    Without veins showing through, without hair, like a half Moon, even, width equal to that of 3 fingers
    (2 to 2½") are signs of a fortunate girl blessed with children and husband. Sign of Swastika on
    forehead denotes a Queen. Hairy forehead is very unlucky.


    High and round like an elephant's head is lucky. Spread out, flat, long or uneven are unlucky.


    Soft, black, long hair are lucky. Yellow, hard hair is evil. But fair women with yellow hair and dark
    women with black hair are also lucky.

    Note : Where only lucky indications are given, any indications other than that given is unlucky.
              Most of these apply for men also.