Website Notes

We use Google Sites software.  This is entirely free and easy to use with 100Mb of space allowed.   I am adding notes for guidance of anyone who considers Sites or any other Google Website.

Limitations are:

  • By default Google Sites designate a lengthy address such as ours.  Perhaps this matters little since people usually enter via Google Search then saving to Favourites or they copy/paste the address from another site.
  • No CSS or JavaScript control is allowed - hence links down the page are not offered  – but html edit now seems possible so this could be attempted.
  • This is ‘cloud computing’ with little on the editor’s machine and a greater risk of losing material.  Site archive for the editor is apparently on the Google to-do-list.
  • New content material should not be copy/pasted from other than a simple text editor.  This is due to hidden control codes which interfere with the system on-board WYSIWYG editor.
  •         I have some grumbles over edit control inconsistencies - for instance pages can't always be sorted  (via More Actions / Site Layout / Navigation/ Edit )  & (as seen here) bullets don't always appear!
  •         It seems impossible to make new sub-pages  appear in the LHS menu (at least subsequent to the 4th).  They have to be accessed by links from the parent page
  •         A new tidier version of Sites appeared in Sep 2011.   I fail to link to material stored in GoogleDocs which should surely be possible.

Google Sites Help pages are to be found on the web but Contact Us, FAQ & Forum are difficult to use.  

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