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House Names

C5 1 Low Chambers
C5 1 Moss View Cottages
C5 1 Plum Tree Barns
C5 1 Trinity Cottages
B2 10 Crow Wood Field
C5 2 Low Chambers
C5 2 Moss View Cottages
C5 2 Plum Tree Barns
C5 2 Trinity Cottages
B3 3 Crow Wood Field
C5 3 Low Chambers
C5 3 Trinity Cottages
C5 4 Low Chambers
C5 4 Trinity Cottages
C5 5 Low Chambers. GreyGable
C5 6 Low Chambers
A1 Allan Brook
B3 Badgers, 1 Crow Wood Field
B1 Barngarth
B4 Barnhaven
B2 Beckside
B1 Bieldgarth
B4 Boundary Barn
B4 Boundary Cottage
B4 Boundary House
B2 Bramblehow, 9 Crow Wood Field
C3 Brantholme
B1 Brentwood
B3 Brigsteer House
A1 Broom Bank
B3 Brow House
C5 Chambers Tenement
B1 Cherry Garth
B2 Clark's Close, 5 Crow Wood Field
B4 Crag House
C4 Crooked Gate
B2 Crow Wood, 6 Crow Wood Field
B2 Edencliffe, 8 Crow Wood
B1 Far Acres
B3 Fern Cottage
B3 Field End
A1 Four Walls
B4 Garden Cottage
C3 Gatehouse
B3 Glenwood
B2 Grey Crag
B2 Hazeldene, 11Crow Wood Field
C3 Heather Bank House
C4 Helsington Lodge

B3 Heron Syke
C4 High Chambers
C4 High Syke
B3 Hill House
A1 Hollybrook
B4 Honeybee House
B2 Honeycroft, 7 Crow Wood Field
C3 Honeypot Cottage
B4 Howe View Cottage
B3 Ivy Cottage
B2 Kell Cottage
B2 Kell House
B2 Kellgarth
B2 Kellside
A1 Kerswell
A3 Lane House Farm
B4 Low Barrow House
A1 Lyth View
C3 Maryland
A2 Mill Bank
A2 Mill Ghyll
B5 Moss Rigg
B2 Nathans
A2 Old Mill
A2 Old Mill Cottage
A2 Old Mill House
B2 Orchard House
A1 Over Mill Beck
B4 Peat Cote
B2 Plum Tree Cottage
C5 Plumtree Farm
B3 Rose Cottage
B3 Rose Lodge
A1 Rowangarth
B4 Scar Cottage
B4 Scar House
B3 Silver Trees, 4 Crow Wood Field
B1 Spring Bank
B3 Sunny Hill
A1 Sycamores
B3 Syke House
B4 The Old Barn
B2 The Post Cottage
B1 Thurston
B2 Trevol, Crow Wood Field
B4 Underhill
B2 Underscar
B1 Wheatsheaf Inn
B3 Wood End, 2 Crow Wood Field