The New Hall

The new hall runs parallel to the road and further back than the old Nissen hut. This orientation together with removal of some trees enhances solar gain through the substantial glass areas. A high standard of insulation ensures low heating demand from the automatic boiler which is fuelled by wood-pellet. 

The main hall is of 17.4m length, 7.9m width and marginally sufficient height to allow badminton. 

There is a meeting room (also used for meals), a store, kitchen, w.c.s and plant room . A covered south facing veranda will be appreciated in rain or warm weather.

Construction uses masonite walls (enhancing insulation) with stone facing at the front. 

There is space between hall and road for 6 disabled-user cars.


You'll need Adobe PDF Reader software on your computer to download and view the plans which are attached below. (Adobe Reader is obtainable by free download but is absurdly hefty!) The plans may then be rather slow to download to you. Click scale in your pdf reader to study text and feature details.

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