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Chairman's Update November 2012

Last year the H&BVH Board undertook a survey of Parish residents on their views and use of the village hall.

The survey showed nearly unanimous approval of the hall and a considerable increase in its use. The main criticism was the poor acoustics in both the main hall and the meeting room. The Board have now installed acoustic panels in both areas, which appear to have resolved the problem. We expect this improvement will attract more bookings. The panels were financed by a combination of grants from Awards For All, The Hadfield Trust and the Co-operative Community Fund, as well as local fundraising.

The next major project is to complete the building of the far corner of the hall, which had to be removed from the original building design to meet financial and linked timing constraints. The extra room will increase storage space and provide an additional functional area during events and celebrations. This extension may cost up to £20,000, so we will have to renew our fundraising. Winning grants is getting more difficult, though the chance of success is increased if we can show that we have raised some money through our own efforts.

When the performers for our popular  ‘Highlights’ shows first enter the hall we always get a ‘wow’ or similar comment; and they see as many  village halls as anyone. Positive attitudes towards the hall have maintained the doubling of activities and attendance. The latest activity is Short Mat Bowls on Monday evenings. We thank Andy Clifford, who is not a Board member, for delivering this activity, including winning a grant from the ESC Lottery Fund. Social events and concerts are well attended and are often sold out.

Dealing with health & safety issues is the Board’s most important task. We are establishing a hedge at the side of the ‘lawn’ and installing more lighting in the car park.

A working maintenance group meets monthly; more volunteers would be most appreciated. The Board welcomes anyone who would like to get involved in the running of the hall and its activities, not necessarily as a Board member. Board meetings take place every two months.

The next AGM will be held on Wednesday, 10th April 2013.