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Under the NOapps label I am developing iPhone and iPad apps, mainly using speech. 
One additional endeavor is to make each app fit a concrete use situation.
  • The twin TTS (Text-To-Speech) apps NOspeech3 and YESspeech are made for control reading of documents in a (group) text revision process. Acapela voices read the existing text paragraph by paragraph so that a group or an individual writer is supported in text checkup and improvement. 
  • NOspeech3 serves older IOS versions.  It uses Google documents. This page provides detailed user instructions. 
  • YESspeech 2.0 on IOS7 is storing its documents in iCloud, so that handling is easier. The user instruction is on the app itself.
  • EasyVoting supports small to medium sized groups in voting procedures, so that democratic decision making is more handy. Its use instruction is integrated into the app, so that the related subpage just contains a description. Its Easy8Ballot version accepts up to 8 candidates running for a job. EasyVoting ist next for being updated to IOS7 standards.
  • EasyVoting2 is an improved version of EasyVoting. It serves up to 8 candidates, has a better table handling and is adapted to IOS7.
  • EasyVotingUp adapts to IOS8. It uses iCloud communication with an EasyVoter and an EasyCandidate app, so that everybody can participate on the own device, worldwide.
  • Thinkie serves thinking-aloud research on iPhone and iPad, so that the researcher can go into the field with very light scientific equipment. The Siri dictation and a movie in parallel help the researcher to rework and interpret the verbal protocol. The app is still experimental. It works ok, but it is not yet fit for routine application.
  • The noXin app on iPhone and iPad supports mobile data entry for later integration into Excel on the home device. This is useful for people who are around, e.g. working for clients or otherwise working outside. They can take up their notes in table, derive an Excel-style csv file  and mail it home. The csv file, or a part of it, can be copied straight into an Excel sheet. The sheet might contain your account and future bill.