Handsome Ranch: adventure path


Introduction (Life on the Handsome Ranch)
Character Creation rules

Player Character Stats

Session I: Pilot episode, part I

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An adventure path for the Serenity role playing game using the Battlestar Galactica version of the Cortex system. This section will host approximately 26 adventures when it's done and I'll be posting short briefs of our gaming sessions in this campaign as we go along so you can see the play-testing first hand.
The campaign's main goal is to present an adventure path that can take Greenhorn/Recruit level characters to roughly Veteran level by the end. If you plan to use this campaign for your own game be warned that it's geared first and foremost for my group, so it might not fit your expectations. As always, feel free to fold, spindle and mutilate it to your liking.
Our first session is scheduled to begin tomorrow (August 22nd, 2008) so I'll probably be posting the first adventure and the first session brief back to back.

Character creation

A simple map of the barn, bunkhouse and main house interiors
Handsome Ranch layout and immediate grounds
Both these maps are pretty crude but they're the best I could do on the internet.

Handsome Ranch I (Pilot Episode, part I) [ Adobe .pdf / Wordpad doc ]
Handsome Ranch II (Pilot Episode, part II) [ Adobe .pdf / Wordpad doc ]