Cortex Slaughter

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 Player Characters
 Session I: A Trip to the Woods
 Session II: The Pastor's Wife
 Session III: Sunday Services
 Session IV: Billy Jackson

Our current ongoing campaign set in Slaughter, Louisiana where the dead have risen to feast on the living! Yeah, that's right. A zombie campaign!

Also, yes. There really is a town called Slaughter down here in cajun country. Don't ask me how it got that name, I haven't a clue. 

So far the campaign is proving a real action packed one, as we've come to expect from Matthew since he got his hands on the Cortex system. His talent for throwing plot twists and all manner of unexpected little surprises has us all nearly as stressed out as our characters. Rita and Alice have both barely avoided going loony tunes from all the freaky things they've been exposed to and my own character Charley very nearly got herself eaten in the last session.

So far...the campaign rocks. I'm loving it!