The Terrifying Space Monkeys Trilogy
Part I: Monkey Business [ Adobe .pdf / Wordpad doc ]
Part II: Monkey Wrench [ Adobe .pdf / Wordpad doc ]
Part III: Monkey Shines [ Adobe .pdf / Wordpad doc ]
(I'm currently reexamining whether I want this to be a trilogy or a two-parter after all. Having taken a second and third look at my finished part 3 I find...well, it rather sucks. It's not horribly bad, mind you. Not all that and a bag of chips, though. Honestly, this might work better as a two-parter. Since I'm currently dabbling with a full-fledged Serenity adventure path at the moment, I'll get back to this later. For now, we'll let the first two parts stand as is.)

Handsome Ranch (tentative title)
An adventure path for the Serenity role playing game using the Battlestar Galactica version of the Cortex system. This section will host approximately 26 adventures when it's done and I'll be posting short briefs of our gaming sessions in this campaign as we go along so you can see the play-testing first hand.
The campaign's main goal is to present an adventure path that can take Greenhorn/Recruit level characters to roughly Veteran level by the end. If you plan to use this campaign for your own game be warned that it's geared first and foremost for my group, so it might not fit your expectations. As always, feel free to fold, spindle and mutilate it to your liking.