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Rise of the Valkyries
 Player Characters
 Three Blind Mice...
 ...See How They Run
 Jingo Driver
 Hush-a-Bye, Baby


Rise of the Valkyries was our first real foray into a D20 Modern campaign and it was pretty interesting. Coming off from D&D the way we were it took a bit of adjustment but we had it down pretty well during our first session.

Like most of Matthew's homebrew campaigns RotV proved to be fairly challenging. In this case, less strategically challenging and more the "what the heck is going on here?" kind of challenging. From the very beginning it was clear we were caught up in something big that we honestly couldn't make heads or tails out of. By the end, once we'd started piecing things together, the story proved pretty darned exciting and we got a real kick out of going up against the crazy teenage psychics bent on world domination with nothing but firearms and our wits.

The final four episodes in this eight-part campaign were lost in the Geocities debacle, unfortunately. To that end I'll leave the details vague for the time being in the hopes that I can find the spare time to sit down and try to recall details of those four sessions. While I have some notes and scattered whatnots on the campaign a lot of the specifics are lost.