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Diehard Trinity
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The Diehard Trinity was another short-lived campaign, this time in the D20 Modern system. Unlike "Rise of the Valkyries" we had intended right from the beginning to ditch the campaign once it started getting tedious. As it happened it was only a pastime until we were able to start up another Cortex campaign so we didn't mind if it ended abruptly.

Nevertheless, we ended up enjoying the heck out of this campaign and were actually pretty sorry to end it when the time came. Specifically the episode "Reaper" clinched it for us. That was truly a knuckle-biter and it had us all on the edge of our seats for the whole session.

I don't think I've ever had an RPG session actually scare me before but Matthew managed to pull it off in all of the first three sessions. Especially "Wendigo". Seriously. Ally actually got up and turned on another lamp about halfway through that game...and I was glad she did!

This is definately another "backburner" campaign, one of many we have to fall back on should we need something to tide us over. Anxiety and mild terror abounded in this particular campaign.