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Jahn Luhn Gohn
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 Death by Gold
 Graveyard Shindig
 Out of the Tarring Pot...
 ...and Into the Black
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 Pimp my Firefly
 I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today
 I Had Trouble in Getting to Bernadette's Moon
 Hanna's Heaven
 (Behind the Scenes)


Jahn Luhn Gohn was our first Serenity game and in fact our first game of any sort with the Cortex system. The campaign whisked along to a full 13 episode season and we had an total blast the whole time. This campaign secured the Cortex system as our all-time favorite gaming system to date.

The name of our ship in the game, Jahn Luhn Gohn, also proved to be just the most perfect ship name ever. That baby was our favorite just for her name alone. Sadly, we didn't get to fly her all that much. The occasional discussion about picking up this campaign and running with it again is due largely to wanting to get that ship back, since the GM was so very nasty and took it from us in the last episode.

The name was taken directly from the Serenity rulebook's "Gorram Chinese" section. We combined: "Shiny, awesome, fantastic: Jahn!" and "In someone’s doghouse: Luhn Gohn, literally “a cold palace,”which is where an emperor confines those concubines who have fallen out of favor." Together it gave the general idea that our little ship was somewhere very shiny that people go when they fall out of favor.
That idea really worked for us. We love our ship and we were, as it happens, pretty much always in some kind of trouble. Hence our "shiny cold palace", Jahn Luhn Gohn.