My first fully homebrew Cortex campaign set in the antediluvian pseudo-biblical world of early Genesis.

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Cortex: Pangaea
 Player Characters
 The Crooked Inn I
 The Crooked Inn II
 The Water Riots
 Where's Willip?
 Heavy Hearts
 Under the Shadow
 The Fall of the Tree

  The Pangaea campaign turned out to be a total blast. I was eagerly looking forward to running this campaign for a variety of reasons. First, I had a ridiculous amount of fun running the Battlestar Galactica campaign and was more than ready to run another Cortex game. Second, Pangaea was my first fully homebrew setting and I was looking forward to seeing what the players would do in a fantasy Cortex setting.

If I have any complaints at all it's with just how vicious the players were in this campaign. Seriously. I told them the antediluvian world would be harsh and violent but I think they took to the "harsh" and "violent" aspects a little too well.
In the first fifteen minutes of the first session our sweet, lovable Ally's character (Jobina) had engaged in an act of almost but not quite prostitution followed by setting fire to two separate sets of people and thus the whole inn. Melissa's character (Beckah) had likewise subdued and tortured her target for information and was prepared to do more if she hadn't been interrupted.

I mean, Yikes.

Still and all we had an absolutely fantastic time. Definitely one of our more enjoyable campaigns.