A homebrew campaign with those slightly odd race/class combos we had always wanted to play.

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 Book of the Dead campaign
  Starting character stats
  The Kobold lair
  River Running Dark and Deep
  Stillwind Crypt

For the Book of the Dead campaign we put together the kind of team we normally laugh at other gamers for making. A goliath barbarian? Chaos Gnome Illusionist? A Tiefling paladin?! So, yeah. We went a little nuts.

Now we could have dug out some obscure source books and really come up with some truly off the wall characters but even we have our standards. Normally we're fairly strictly core race/class with rare exception.
We could have rolled up a team of Paragon/Barbarian/Fighter/ Warblade/Frenzied Berserker/Titan Bloodline, a couple of Evoker/Abjurant Champion/Master Specialist/Archmages and a tweaked Pun-Pun... but we just wouldn't have been able to live with ourselves.

The campaign journal is unfinished here and only shows the first four sessions. The campaign itself took us all the way to level 14-15 but most of it hasn't been written up yet. No idea when or if it will be.