A collection of Adobe .pdf files we made containing all sorts of neat stuff for Serenity. Ya'll help yourself. 


1,000 passengers: A huge chart for randomly determining interesting passengers for your players to haul around.

Alternate Weapons List: A collection of weapons from several posts in the now-defunct Waves in the Black forum, quite a few things stolen elsewhere and our own stuff whipped up for our campaigns.

Animal Statistics: Lions and tigers and bears! Oh, my!

Cargo Jobs: So you players need a cargo to haul? No problem. Another huge table. Long list of random cargoes, pay for hauling them and such. Detailed descriptions of each kind of cargo and quite a few very interesting ones.

Computer Gear: For the would-be hackers in your 'verse.

Cybernetics: "We have the technology...we can rebuild him..." If you use the homebrew "Cybernetics" trait this is worth a look.

Gasgun Ammo: A variety of interesting ammos for the gasgun in our Alternate Weapons bulletin above.

More Gorram Chinese: Expanded list of Gorram Chinese phrases. Warning: most of these are extremely crude!

(Slightly Less Naughty) More Gorram Chinese: The same list, only slight less extremely crude. Say...unusually crude.

Newtech Goodies: A nice list of newtech goodies we've stolen from other campaigns and lots we developed for ours.

Showdown Rules: Rules for the classic high-noon showdown.

Skills and Specialties: Here's the list of General Skills and their Specialties we use for our Serenity campaigns.

Some New Traits: Four new traits for the Serenity system and nine more for use with both Serenity and BSG.

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