An all-Kobold campaign on the Age of Worms adventure path.

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Age of Worms campaign
 Abbreviated PC stats
 The Howling Horde (warm up)
 The Whispering Cairn I
 The Whispering Cairn II
 The Whispering Cairn III
 Faces of Evil; Hextor temple
 Faces of Evil; Erythnul temple
 Faces of Evil; Vecna temple
 Blackwater Keep; the Keep
 Blackwater Keep: Lizard Lair I
 Blackwater Keep: Lizard Lair II
 Hall of Harsh Reflections I
 Hall of Harsh Reflections II
 Hall of Harsh Reflections III


In the Age of Worms campaign we decided to try to recreate our previous good times with the Brightwater campaign (an all-halfling campaign) by going with an all-Kobold campaign. It worked out pretty well, really. As it happens Kobolds kick butt.

Like most D&D campaigns the fun wound down and got rather tedious as we progressed in level and the game turned into your standard hack and slash. Such is usually the way with published adventures, we've found. Our attention has since waned but, like the Brightwater campaign, we've stuck it lovingly on the backburner for now with every intention of returning and finishing the adventure path...some day.

Until then, here's what we've got so far. Enjoy!