• UNIST  (Mar. 2011 to present )
    B.S. in Computer Science Engineering 


      • [Unpublished work] Performance of repetition codes in AWGN channel with soft and hard decision [White Paper]

        Research Experiences

        • Research and development of Small Cells in LTE-B (next version of LTE-A), Sponsored by ETRI, Aug. 2014~ 
          • Learnt basic concept of multi-input multi-output (MIMO)
          • will simulate the performance of basic RRM algorithms for small cells 


                • Advanced Information System Lab, UNIST  (Mar. 2014 to present)
                  • Learnt basic concept of wireless communications
                  • Simulated the performance of repetition codes (white paper)
                • Operation Management Research Lab, UNIST  (Mar. 2013 - May. 2013)
                  • Learnt basic concept of operation management
                  • Learnt AMPL (A Mathematical Programming Language)
                • Network Research Lab, UNIST (Summer 2012)
                  • Learnt basic concept of wireless networks
                  • Learnt Network Simulator 3

                Programming Skill

                •  C++, MATLAB, Python, Java

                Communication & Interpersonal Skills

                • World Friends IT Volunteers  (Summer 2013)
                  Himanchal High School, Nepal
                • Korea University Mentoring Camp Mentor  (Summer 2012)
                  Korea University, Sejong