Want to explore aviation without making a significant financial commitment? 
Like to build things and learn new skills? 
Thinking about becoming a pilot, aircraft mechanic or air traffic controller?

BrightonBuildaPlane provides area students and adults the opportunity to help build and take a ride in an RV12 Light Sport Aircraft.

The kit building portion of the project is expected to take at least one year and will be conducted in three-month segments corresponding to:

•  Empennage and tail-cone construction
•  Fuselage construction 
•  Wing construction
•  Engine, propeller, radio, & instrument installation
Participants will have the opportunity to meet and learn from various people who have been involved with aviation as a profession or recreational activity. 

After the aircraft has been flight tested and inspected by the Federal Aviation Administration, participants may have the opportunity to fly with a licensed pilot.  

Aircraft building is a time-consuming but enjoyable activity that provides an interesting, hands-on learning opportunity, and learning to fly provides life-long benefits. 

We are seeking students and adults of various ages and backgrounds and will attempt to tailor to presentations/curriculum around their interests.