Brighton2capetown - Waypoints
Brighton to Cape Town Overland by Motorcycle










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  • Chefchouan - (N35°33.221 W005°25.030) - Useful first stop campsite in the hills not far from the Ceuta Ferry.
  • Fes (Option1) - (N34°00.002 W004°58.172) - South East of City. Expensive and very, very average.
  • Fes (Option2) - (N34°02.582 W005°03.80) - West of City. Not tried and reputedly no better.
  • Near Gorge du Todra - (N31°17.611 W006°02.724) - An auberge just to the West of the town on the main highway. Very helpful and tidy. Camping or chambres.
  • Ourazazate - (N30°55.385 W006°53.179) - The main camping for the town. Sufficient, stony camping but easy to find.
  • Tan Tan Plage - (N28°29.629 W011°20.224) - Sea visible from car park. Near shops but more auberge than camping in every sense. Rip-off expensive.

Western Sahara

  • Dakhla - (N23°45.871 W015°54.435) - One of only two in town. On the left of the main road in, just before the police check point. Rip-off and badly managed but popular.


  • Auberge Chez ABBA - (20°54.494 W017°03.216) - Easy to find and reasonable camping. Chinese restaurant next door. Good source of intel as used by guides too.
  • Fuel stop (Old) - (N21°16.570 W016°31.695) - The original fuel station from NDB to NKTT and still no petrol. Emergency petrol for 3x going rate possible via plastic bottles and a long wait.
  • Total Station (New) - (N20°03.114 W015°55.255) - Half way from NDB to NKTT and now with petrol (Leaded Super)
  • Auberge des Nomades (NKTT centre) - (N18°05.350 W015°58.691) - Friendly, convenient and good facilities. Close to everything.We camped in the sandy car park / camping area you can see on the google map.
  • Mali Embassy, Nouakchott - (N18°06.487 W015°58.711) - Visas while you wait (4,500 Oog 1 entry, 1 month). We arrived at 9am on a Friday and had ours by 11am.
  • Diama Dam turn-off - (N16°30.739 W015°48.742) - Not an obvious turning down a dirt track. Signs indicate that you are already in Rosso.
  • Diama Dam Border Crossing - (N16°12.865 W016°24.906) - This will give you a good idea of how far you need to go down the dirt track. On a hot day, take lots of water with you!


  • Camping L'Ocean, St.Louis - (N15°59.845 W016°30.601) - Located out on the Island and a good alternative to Zebrabar if you want to see St.Louis.
  • Cafe Bonaba, Lac Rose - (N14°50.596 W017°14.162) - Situated on the far side of the lake. Free camping if you have dinner there.
  • Zebrabar - (N15°51.862 W016°30.752) - This is the place made famous by rhombic yellow stickers of a Pelican with Zebra stripes. A great place to chill out.
  • Campement Les Coquillages, Toubacouta - (N13°47.226 W016°28.577) - Follow the signs for Africa Strike Camping. Camping possible in the little courtyard. Agree a price in advance and hold him to it!

The Gambia


  • Auberge Ninki Nanka, Tambacounda - (N13°45.837 W013°39.943) - Very friendly auberge, with good value restaurant and even better value camping on the roof. Free lo-fi music in the restaurant


  • Borstal-esque Auberge, Kayes - (N14°26.095 W011°25.757) - Really horrid toilet/shower facilities but the cheapest place around and the only place to camp in the town.
  • Kaira So, Bamako - (N12°36.145 W 007°56.121) - Nice place, friendly proprietress, but short taxi or bike ride into the centre.
  • Hotel de L'Independance, Segou - (N13°25.801 W006°13.472) - Pleasant hotel in town with a pool and which will accomodate grubby campers at a reasonable rate
  • Djenne - (N13°54.458 W004°33.381) - Mud built campement style place which allows camping on the roof at a reasonable rate. As with anywhere in Djenne, expect busloads of tourists.

Burkina Faso

  • Casafrica, Bobo Dioulasso - (N11°10.152 W004°18.705) - nice french owned place, good food and reasonable rates
  • Le Zion, Bobo Dioulasso - (N11°08.861 W004°16.986) - another french influenced place, very much with it's own culture and feel. Mobylette rentals for all!
  • Tengruela Lake - (N10°38.838 W004°50.207) - Lake with Hippos in it, there's a pleasant little campement nearby.
  • Bazoule Auberge - (N12°19.455 W001°42.903) - Accomodation a safe distance from the sacred crocs, and camping is possible.
  • OK Inn, Ouagadougou - (N12°20.118 W001°30.831) - Regular overlanders' haunt as a result of offering free camping (negotiable fee with the security guard). Pool and associated showers open to campers.
  • Bike workshop area, Ouaga - (N12°21.270 W001°32.094) - If you need a wheel re-built in Ouagadougou, this is the place to get it done.
  • DHL Office, Ouaga Airport - (N12°21.193 W001°30.944) - If you need to get bits shipped in, or just don't like efficiency or good customer service, this is where to come.
  • Campement Tondikara, Gorom Gorom - (N14°26.569 W000°13.698) - Pleasant enough place with helpful staff who'll help you find somewhere to get some food.
  • Seytenga Town Hall - (N13°58.462 W000°18.244) - We rough camped outside as the sandy piste from Dori to Tera was too much for one day.
  • Campement Tera - (N14°00.644 W000°45.081) - Thieves. Avoid.
  • Other-Dan's Crash - (N13°32.698 E002°01.746) - This is where other-Dan's DR-Z disappeared into a hole.
  • Gamkalley Clinic - (N13°29.511 E002°07.275) - This is the place that put other-Dan's arm in a comically camp plaster cast.
  • Camping Touristique, Niamey - (N13°32.050 E002°04.684) - It's not camping and it's not touristic, but it's an OK place to pitch a tent. Has a bookies by the entrance and has more drunk locals than tourists.
  • Hotel Magama, Dogon Doutchi - (N13°38.000 E004°01.942) - Campement who gave us rooms for the agreed camping rate.
  • Hotel Larewa, Maradi - (N13°30.528 E007°06.569) - Let us camp and cooked us a meal, only charged us what they said they would...


  • Kano Tourist Camp - (N12°00.248 E008°32.878) - Shocking toilets but good value camping and food.
  • Yankari Game Reserve - (N09°45.280 E010°30.571) - Camp in a carpark with no facilities, for inflated prices. Probably the only game reserve in Africa which sells catapults in the shop and at which you're positively encouraged to beat the wildlife with sticks.

  • Assemblies of God Guesthouse, Jos - (N09°53.595 E008°53.084) - Friendliest place in a very friendly city. No camping but very reasonable clean en suite rooms.

  • Millennium Guest Suites, Ogun State House, Abuja - (N09°03.089 E007°29.833) - Good place, not the cheapest but they'll let you share three to a room which the cheaper places won't.

  • High Commision of Cameroon, Abuja - (N09°04.281 E007°29.385) - Main reason an overlander would visit the capital of Nigeria - get your visas here.

  • Dolphin Complex, Makurdi - (N07°45.764 E008°33.619) - Friendly place with a cheap bar and free camping, mosquito birthing pool where there should be a toilet.



  • Hotel Voyageur, Bitam - (N02°04.797 E011°29.721) - Park your bike in the nightclub over the road for no extra charge
  • Hotel Kevazingo, Ndjole - (S00°09.908 E010°46.662) - Views over the surrounding rainforest from the bar, and a 15min walk into town for cheap chop
  • DHL Libreville Airport - (N00°27.743 E009°24.457) - Where you get your item sent to avoid having to go into the city centre
  • DHL Libreville City Centre - (N00°23.381 E009°26.677)
    where you get sent to pay the customs duty on your item, even though you sent it to the airport office
  • Friendly French auberge, Cap Esterias - (N00°37.097 E009°19.409) - Lovely little place with a great beach location that lets overlanders camp for free on the lawn.
  • Hotel Equateur - (S00°04.611 E010°20.588) - On the road to/from Libreville, let us camp outside
  • Hotel Bobebe, Lambarene - (S00°42.116 E010°14.072) - Friendly proprietor let us camp outside for free
  • Le Barbecue Complexe, Ndende - (S02°24.100 E011°21.069) - Eventually let us camp out the back for a reasonable fee, it's where we spent New Year 2007/8.

Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Catholic Mission St Anne, Kinshasa - (S04°17.985 E015°18.935) - We didn't stay here as it was so expensive, but it seemed nice and the location near the port is faultless for the overlander
  • Catholic School, Mbanza Mboma - (S04°57.312 E015°09.657) - They don't stricly offer accomodation, but allowed us to camp outside and provided us with strange fruit
  • Catholic Mission, Matadi - (S05°49.888 E013°27.657) - THE place to stay in Matadi, it seems. Camping in their courtyard works well while you get your Angolan visa
  • Angolan Consulate, Matadi - (S05°49.308 E013°27.773) - The reason everyone comes through Matadi - this appears to be the only place to the north of Angola that you can get your transit visa


  • Catholic Mission, Tomboco - (S06°48.262 E013°19.77) - Astonishingly friendly and helpful Mexican priest, we were made to feel very welcome
  • Beach Camp, Cabo Ledo - (S09°40.714 E013°12.158) - We can't strictly recommend this location as it's in a prohibited military zone. That said, it made for an entertainingly surreal evening
  • Catholic Mission, Quilengues - (S14°04.543 E014°04.421) - Another very welcoming Catholic priest!
  • Rough Camp, Xangongo - (S16°45.226 E014°58.738) - There were hotels available in the town, but all were either full, too expensive or both


  • Ondangwa Rest Camp, Ondangwa- (S17°54.710 E015°58.472) - Genuinely pleasant place to recover - but make sure all your valuables are locked up as the gate is always left open
  • Onguma Game Ranch, just outside Etosha - (S18°43.873 E017°02.898) - Lovely place, good value camping, good value game drives in Etosha and on their own estate
  • Roy's Rest Camp, North of Grootfontein- (S19°13.984 E018°29.997) - Another very nice place to stay, evening meals need to be pre-ordered, so take your own for a one-nighter
  • Acacia Park, Otjiwarongo - (S20°27.920 E016°39.197) - On the way to Windhoek
  • Chameleon, Windhoek - (S22°34.443 E017°04.903) - Busy, characterful place, recommended
  • Quivertree Forest - (S26°28.908 E018°14.525) - Giant broccoli
  • Fish River Canyon Viewpoint - (S27°35.363 E017°36.876) - An absolute must-see, amazing views across the canyon
  • Ai-Ais Camp - (S27°55.030 E017°29.369) - Undergoing renovation when we were there, is going to be lovely but probably pricey
Republic of South Africa
  • Vanrhynsdorp Caravan Park - (S31°36.951 E018°44.092) - Pleasant caravan park with a restaurant not shy about serving large portions
  • Cape Agulhas - (S34°49.979 E019°59.977) - Southernmost point of Africa
  • Cape Agulhas Backpackers, Struisbaai - (S34°47.896 E020°02.781) - Charming hostel at which to go and relax at the end of the journey, we were able to camp outside for a reasonable fee
  • Ashanti Lodge, Cape Town - (S33°55.996 E018°24.732) - Well known, popular backpackers' lodge, close to Long Street nightlife, some camping available but if there's any wind you're far better off in a dorm. Motorcycles can be securely parked in the back garden for free
  • Carnival Court Backpackers, Cape Town - (S33°55.561 E018°24.907) - Another popular backpackers', on Long Street, but has limited secure parking for an extra R30 a night.
  • MMA Consolidators, Cape Town - (S33°58.762 E018°35.192) - Useful freight forwarding company, good value pallets and airfreight.
  • Hermanus Backpackers, Hermanus - (S34°25.252 E019°13.975) - friendly backpackers' hostel with good value packages for shark cage diving in Gansbaai
  • Backpackers' Paradise, Oudtshoorn - (S33°34.797 E022°12.334) - Another friendly backpackers' close to the impressive Cango Caves, some nice waterfalls and there's great fun to be had riding the nearby dirt-road Swartberg and Rooiberg passes.
  • Cango Caves - (S33°23.587 E022°12.867) - Stalagtite-tastic
  • The Didge (Dijembe Backpackers), Storms River - (S33°58.216 E023°52.899) - Great backpackers hostel with a selection of three great dogs to play with, close to:
  • Tsitsikamma Adventures - (S33°58.983 E024°01.342) - Zip-lines across a little ravine, with waterfalls rushing underneath
  • Bloukrans Bridge Bungy Jump - (S33°57.954 E023°38.918) - The world's highest commercial bungy jump, the single most intense adrenaline hit of the trip - awesome
  • Orange Elephant - (S33°30.786 E025°41.594) - Very friendly place (The owner, John, loves overlanders) and up the road from the excellent Raptor and Reptile centre, and a few k's from Addo Elephant National Park
  • Addo Valley Raptor and Reptile Centre - (S33°30.354 E025°41.566) - Great place with a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable proprietor, the only person I've ever seen kiss a Puff-Adder on the mouth
  • Addo Elephant National Park - (S33°26.660 E025°44.314) - Amazing place home to a massive variety of wildlife, including Lions, Kudu, Red Hartebeest, amd the omnipresent dung-beetle, as well as 450 Elephants
  • Schotia Private Game Reserve - (S33°34.684 E025°54.169) - Good value safaris on their private reserve, easiest way to sight a lion!