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In September 2007, we set off from Brighton on the South coast of the UK to ride our Africa Twins to Cape Town. To read about our journey through West Africa, check out the Where? page, which has links to journals for each and every country we visited.  The teaser trailer of the video footage of the trip is below.  For more, visit the Video page, where you will find all eleven webisodes covering the trip.

Detailed GPS derived information and a Google Earth tour of the route are to be found on the Waypoints page.

The rest of the links on the left are self explanatory and the original updates below and the When? page give a feel for the timeline of our four month expedition.

In July 2008, we gave a presentation about the trip at the Horizons Unlimited UK Travellers Meeting.  The presentation is embedded below:

6th February 2008

We've made it to the end of the journey and we arrived at Cape Agulhas about a week ago. We've just finished updating the site with everything that happened in Angola, Namibia and South Africa

25th January 2008

We're now in Namibia, and after a hectic month travelling through Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola, we've managed to get an update published.

19th December 2007

We've made it out of Burkina Faso, through Niger and Nigeria into Cameroon. It's been an eventful month but we have finally been able to post a long overdue update. An update to the waypoint page will follow soon.

25th November 2007

We've arrived in Ouagadougou, so can now update the site to cover the rest of our time in Mali and our arrival in Burkina Faso. Now Dan's back has recovered and the photography rate is back to normal, we've been able to add some images to the original Mali write up.

18th November 2007

We've arrived in Segou, so can now update the site with a report on the rest of our time in The Gambia, and our journey back through Senegal to Mali.

6th November 2007

We've arrived in Serrekunda, and found an internet cafe to update the site with some information and pictures from the end of our time in Mauritania, and our journey through Senegal to The Gambia.

29th October 2007

Mini-update: links added to the waypoints page that will now take you directly to the google hybrid aerial-image/map for that point.

26th October 2007

We're now in Nouakchott and have updated the the Mauritania page to include our excursion up to Ouadane, and added a waypoints page so anyone following a similar route will know where we went (and where to avoid...).

19th October 2007

We've now arrived in Nouadhibou, Mauritania, and have had a chance to post another update covering the end of our time in Western Sahara, and our entry into Mauritania.

16th October 2007

Despite enduring illness, campsites of hugely differing quality and long periods in the saddle putting the miles behind us, we can now update you on our final week in Morocco and our ride down the Atlantic coast of Western Sahara.

6th October 2007

By chance, the first campsite we've stumbled across in Morocco has better internet facilities than the Gibraltar Public Library, so we've been able to bring you an update on our first day in Africa, and add some more photos to the Spain page.

5th October 2007

We've made it as far as Gibraltar, and can now give an update from the road to let you know how things have gone in Europe!

Pages with updates: UK, France and Spain