Missa Nkosi Sikelela

Missa Nkosi Sikelela

"It gives me shivers!"


Enoch Sontonga wrote his great hymn of prayer for Africa, Nkosi sikelel' iAfrika (Lord, bless Africa) in 1897. In 1925, it became the anthem of the African National Congress. Later it became the national anthem of Tanzania, Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.
This communion setting, based on Sontonga's hymn, was written for Holy Trinity's afternoon congregation in 2003.

Free pdf download (September 2016)
6 pp.
US Letter / A4 format
Performance time: 6'00

The service is in five sections (no Gloria or Creed). 
  • Lord, have mercy
  • Holy, holy, holy
  • Blessed is he
  • Acclamations (Christ has died; Blessing and honour)
  • Lamb of God


"A fresh direction in the study of the Psalms"
Professor John Barton, Oriel College, Oxford