Jesus the Non-Jew

Jesus the Non-Jew

Was Jesus really a Jew?
Here's a series of thoughts that investigate the subject.
Forthcoming in late 2018. 72,000 words.

Paperback (December 2018)
xiv+150 pp.
6 x 9 inches

US 11.99       UK 9.99       EU 10.99

A series of twelve essays on the most intriguing person in history. 

Contents, Figures
1. Deep is the Bourne of the Past
2. Melchizedek
3. Two genealogies
4. Two Messiahs
5. Joseph the righteous
6. Princess Mary
7. His name shall be called wonderful
8. Jesus in Judaism
9. Jews and Non-Jews
10. Three Kings
11. The face of Jesus
12. The coming malkut
Glossary, Abbreviations, Bibliography, & Index


"A fresh direction in the study of the Psalms"
Professor John Barton, Oriel College, Oxford       

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