Christmas Cantata
 Make Christmas Cantata happen

We really want people to enjoy 
Christmas Cantata. That's why we make it as easy as possible to perform it. 
  • You don't need our permission to put on a performance
  • You don't need to pay Grand Rights or any other royalty payments
You just get enough copies of the score for your singers. Then you get your accompaniment.
  • If you want to perform with a pre-recorded backing track, then you can get the backing track parts here.
If you want to do it with real musicians (which is more fun), then
  • To perform with continuo alone, the free continuo parts are here. 
  • To perform with a bigger ensemble, you will need a copy of the orchestral score and the free orchestral parts here.
Of course, we ask you not to make illegal copies of the score. (But you wouldn't, would you?) 

And if you perform it in a church, it's nice if you submit it (song by song) on the CCL return. But we're not checking...

Then you perform it. 

How easy is that!

Happy Christmas.