Christmas Cantata

"A work of genius!"

Professor Noel Tredinnick          
All Souls Choir & Orchestra          

Christmas Cantata is a 90 minute contemporary oratorio for Advent and Christmas
It's all about voices: choirs, solos, duets, trios, octets, recitatives
It's supported by a continuo of piano, bass, and drums
But there are parts for orchestra if you want 
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Christmas Cantata: new edition in July 2016

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Vocal score (July 2016)
120 pp.
8.5 x 11 inches
US $20        UK £12.50        EU €18


Commissioned as a gift for the Scottish Parliament's first Christmas, Christmas Cantata stands consciously in the great tradition of western European oratorio. Yet its musical language is a fusion of choral pop, jazz, and lounge music.
    It has been performed in Berlin, Brussels, Canterbury, Edinburgh, Florida, London, Los Angeles, Sao Paolo, Santo Domingo, Texas, Zimbabwe, and elsewhere. 

Before all things began. Aria for soprano & chorus. 
2. It is written. Recitative.
Angel. Aria for soli and chorus. 
4. All this took place. Recitative.
5. Mary. Aria. Mezzo-soprano & chorus.
6. Behold. Recitative.
7. Blessed be the Lord. Chorus.
8. And so it was. Recitative.
9. Lullaby. Soprano.
10. And there were shepherds. Recitative.
11. Gloria. Chorus.
12. When the angel had gone from them. Recitative.
13. Shepherds. Octet.
14. Wake. Chorus with children.


16. Lord, our Lord. Chorus.
17. Simeon. Tenor solo & chorus.
18. Now when Jesus was born. Recitative.
19. You, Bethlehem. Trio & chorus.
20. Twinkle, twinkle, star so bright. Chorus.
21. And when they came to the place. Recitative.
22. The star
23. Rorate coeli
24. When Herod saw. Recitative.
25. A voice is heard in Ramah
26. When Israel was a child. Recitative.
27. News
28. The vision of Isaiah ben Amoz. Recitative.
29. Arise
30. Amen                                 More...